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QCY Bluetooth ear bud which aims to be portable and slightly hidden

QCY Bluetooth Earbud Wireless Headset Invisible Headphone Mini Earphone Earpiece with MIC

18 SharesShareTweetSharePinSmall, form factor, inconspicuous, QCY is hitting all the right notes when it comes to making something convenient. While this could be something you’d be interested in, let’s see how it fares when it comes to usage, stability, range, clarity. QCY Bluetooth earbud is Bluetooth 4.1 however, even with the newest and greatest I personally suffered interference when I …

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The HOWL3 from Degauss Labs are screaming to be unleashed – Let them have it!

HOWL3 from Degauss Labs

0 SharesShareTweetSharePinDegauss Labs have made their mark in the world when it comes to providing unparalleled music experience. They’ve been able to maintain, exceed and charm a wide variety of individuals with their blazing sound quality. This line is the HOWL3 and I’m hoping that they won’t disappoint and will follow a similar experience. Being in the business of delivery …

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USB-C smartphone, headphones and they’re making a hit!

JBL Reflect Aware USB-C

0 SharesShareTweetSharePinUSB-C smartphone, headphones and they’re making a hit all around. JBL announced the Reflect Aware headphone manned with a USB-C connector when the HTC 10 launched. Now it’s high time that we start adopting the new format. This is the age of transformation and we need to stop relying so much on older technology. If you have the chance, …

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Mpow Jaws ‘neckphones’ are actually pretty comfortable

Mpow Jaws 'neckphones' are actually pretty comfortable

0 SharesShareTweetSharePinMpow Jaws ‘neckphones’ are actually pretty comfortable. I like my music, when I walk anywhere, when I run… I want to have good music. There’s such a variety of ways to get that music from my phone into my ears and I just love testing them all out. The latest one I’ve received is from Mpow, and is their …

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