(Review) Is the Secretlab Titan XL Cloud 9 worth the money?

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Secretlab Titan XL Cloud 9 – Review

The excellent build quality and comfort of Secretlab chairs make them some of the most popular gaming chairs on the market. A chair that could comfortably support me was what I needed; This is where the Secretlab Titan XL comes into play. Unlike the regular Titan, the $529.99 Titan XL is designed for more weight-bearing users, supporting 100 pounds more. Otherwise, it is the same and equally glorious.

Unlike other models, the Titan XL features the highest weight capacity, supporting users up to 390 pounds and 5'11” to 6'10”.

Consequently, it has a seat depth of 19.9 inches, a width of 22.66 inches, and an overall height of 33.5 inches. With more wiggle room, the chair feels just as supportive and comfortable as the standard Titan. You are better off buying the smaller model if you are not a solidly built person. The chair is comfortable, and I can sit in it perfectly.

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Secretlab Titan XL Cloud 9 Review chair pictureThe Chair Design

Unlike the regular Titan, which comes in a wide variety of colours for its faux leather and fabric upholstery, including licensed themes including Cyberpunk, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft, the Titan XL has fewer colour options. As a standard, the Cloud 9 comes with the Secretlab NEO Hybrid leatherette.

The PU leather used by Secretlab in its gaming chairs is Prime 2.0 PU Leather, a material that Secretlab contends feels and wears better than the faux leather used by other gaming chairs. This material is soft, thick, and abrasion-resistant, and Secretlab claims it's four times stronger than conventional polyurethane leather.

Secretlab's cold-cured foam material constitutes almost the entire padding in the chair, covering the headrest, sides, and seat. The chair offers dial-adjustable lumbar support that you can adjust to make the area where your back rests softer or firmer, depending on your preferences.

You can tilt the Secretlab Titan XL Cloud 9 back between 85 to 165 degrees by pulling a lever on the right. You can play games at a comfortable angle if you plan to sit in front of the TV for a long time rather than hunched over. The Titan XL also comes with an aluminum base and five castors.

SecretLab Titan XL Cloud 9 Review chair picture 02

Wear & Tear

Two months have now passed since I have been using the Titan XL. The faux leather is in excellent condition and shows no abrasions, scratches, or loose stitches. One of the reasons I've consistently been impressed with Secretlab's gaming chairs is their durability. To see the wear and tear over time, it'll take several more months of use.

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Secretlab Titan XL Cloud 9 Final Note

As a result of its outstanding build quality and comfortable feel, the Secretlab Titan XL Cloud 9 is my favourite gaming chair. The Titan XL chair isn't necessarily the best choice for every person, however. For $120 more, it's simply a bigger Titan. It's the ideal gaming chair for large-framed gamers up to 390 lbs. Nevertheless, the regular Titan is still your best bet if you weigh less than 290 pounds and stand shorter than 6'7″.

Visit Secretlab for yourself if you're interested -> Secretlab

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