Pandora Portable Power P3 – Brilliant All-In-One!

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Intro – Pandora Portable Power P3 –

There's a plethora of wall plugs, power banks, and wireless chargers that you can buy. All of them have varying wattage and capacity. Then there's Pandora Portable Power P3.

Always on the go? Need to juice up your smartphone, Nintendo Switch, smartwatch, Bluetooth headphone and more? The Pandora Portable Power P3 is what you need in your life. I call it the 5 in 1 solution, and there's a good reason behind why!

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Features of the P3

  • Wall Plug with Power Passthrough
  • Fast Charging USB Type C
  • Fast Charging 1 x USB-A
  • Standard 1 x USB-A
  • Fast Wireless Charging
  • Power Bank with 8000mAh battery

Sure you do need to have your cables, but who doesn't have cables for their devices with them nowadays? In case you do need some cables, I'll include some links to the ones I'm using at the end of my review.

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InfinaCore, the company behind the P3, made a pretty compact and portable device that carries a lot of bells and whistles. The ability to not be reliant on a power outlet is convenient, and with the current states of today's technology, we are always in need of power.

Small enough to fit in your pant pockets, jacket, backpack, as it's size, is rivalled by only a standard pocket wallet. Ummm, maybe I'm pushing it a bit far? I'll let you be the judge in the end.

It comes with all the wall sockets needed for world travelling. It sports an LED that indicates the different status. A battery level screen clearly shows you the power level of the Power Bank. The USB-C is capable of power delivery, which means you can plug in your laptop to it!

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Using this 5 in 1 Option

Now you know what Pandora Portable Power P3 can do! Now it's time to tell you how I use it and if this is a must-have.

I took this bad boy with me on my outings in the city. Grabbed my backpack, put the charger in one of the pockets and out the door I went. I carry a smartphone, Bluetooth earbuds and laptop.

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There's a whopping 8K worth of power in there, which means I can easily top up my smartphone and earbuds. The PD (power delivery) lets me charge my laptop without having its power adapter.

I didn't need to find a power outlet, as I would usually throughout the day.

The same can be said for when I'm out camping, and I know it's going to be a long night away from any power source. Stick that into one of my cargo pockets with a cable or two and voilà! It's kind of hard to do wireless charging when you're not on a stable surface.

Some Final Points

With a price tag of $39.99 US, I'm recommending anyone who needs the versatility of this 5 in 1 solution to grab a Pandora Portable Power P3. The rugged aspect of it is impressive in this form factor. Could they make this even better with some waterproof seal? With how the Canadian weather is all year round, I wonder how the electronics components would fare. I could see a slimmer approach with the same capacity, that would likely require a different format for the battery.

Do you think it would be a good idea to have built-in cables or a least a universal cable format? I'm just throwing ideas out there to see what could be possible to make this even better than what it is.

I want your thoughts on the P3 from InfinaCore. What could they do to make this an even better solution for everyone? You can reach out to me on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, email etc.

Pandora Portable P3 Brilliant All-In-One Pandora Portable P3 Brilliant All-In-One Pandora Portable P3 Brilliant All-In-OneSource:

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