Here’s Why You Need To Open A Computer Gaming Cafe

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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There's no denying that Internet cafes were highly popular in the early 2000s. Today, with the evolution of smartphones and high-speed mobile data technology, Internet cafes are now a rare sight in towns and cities worldwide.

These days, computer gaming cafes have started growing in popularity and will undoubtedly become as common a sight as Internet cafes were during their peak.

But why should you open a computer gaming cafe, given that people can play games on their mobile phones or computers and game consoles at home?

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A Man Wearing a Headset in Front of a Gaming Computer Screen
A Man Wearing a Headset in Front of a Gaming Computer Screen

It turns out there are many fantastic reasons a computer gaming cafe can make perfect business sense in your area. Here's why:

It’s A Cool Place For Gamers To Hang Out

In the early 2000s, Internet cafes were a hit with people who wanted to socialize with friends offline and online. Today, computer gaming cafes provide the same benefits, but with the addition of popular online and multiplayer games, they'd usually enjoy at home.

Computer gaming cafes provide an excellent venue for friends and gamers to congregate, socialize, have fun, and have a memorable time together. 

Great Opportunity To Upsell Products

A computer gaming cafe has two core revenue streams: refreshments and computer games. You might think those are the only ways to make money at such an establishment, but you can upsell many other products and services to customers.

For example, you could sell snacks alongside hot and cold beverages and computer-based services like document printing and scanning. You could also sell other items, like components for computers and game consoles.

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Cost-Effective For Gamers

There's no avoiding the fact that game consoles, gaming laptops and PCs, and games are expensive. They're often out of the reach of many people due to their prohibitive cost, and it's a reason why your computer gaming cafe can offer them a cost-effective alternative.

They can enjoy playing the latest and greatest titles without needing to spend a small fortune on the privilege.

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You Can Play Cool Music To Customers

If you've always wanted to set up a retail business and asked yourself, can I play music in my shop, the answer is yes. Some types of music are likely to put customers off if you set up a grocery store or a clothes shop, for instance.

However, as you're planning to open a computer gaming cafe, you have more choice of music genres and have the freedom to play music that you also love.

Excellent Venue For Events

Lastly, it's worth noting that computer gaming cafes are excellent event venues. Remember the LAN parties that gamers used to have in the 1990s? You can host similar events at your computer gaming cafe.

It's also an excellent place to promote new gaming titles by setting up exclusive launch parties.


Computer gaming cafes are innovative business startup ideas and perfect for people that want to make a living from something they love to do in their spare time.

Moreover, with limited competition in your area, you'll soon reap the rewards of making such a dream a reality!

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