Mi Smart Band 4 Review: I’m Excited!

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The Mi Smart Band 4 Review

The Mi Smart Band 4 comes at an affordable price of $44.99 Canadian. I think this is the lowest I have seen for fitness, health, sleep tracker. The Mi Smart Band 4 covers all the basics, heart rate, activity level, sleep, weight, body fat, balance, exercise cycle, running, walking and even cycling.

Looking at the Mi Band Smart 3, I can see quite a bit of change. The OLED panel is bigger, easier swiping, larger battery. An impressive 20-days worth of battery usage. I'm 5-days in with 76% left to the battery. I'm sure that you can extrapolate the remaining power versus the days I have left for are pretty good 20-days.

Mi Smart Band 4

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Look & Feel

The design is pretty simple, minimalist and elegant. The vivid colour display does set it apart from other brands. It offers a touchscreen with a capacitive button. Interaction between these elements is combined with a few taps and swipes.

The heart rate monitor sits alongside the pogo pins at the back.

Mi Smart Band 4 Pogo Pin Heart Rate
Pogo Pins & Heart Rate monitor

It will fit almost anyone considering I have a large wrist, and I still manage to strap myself in the last 2 holes. A single strap clip adjustment is what you will find with a buckle style at the end. The strap comes in several colours to provide diversity and options.

Xiaomi made a point of indicating that the screen is larger on the Mi 4 compared to its previous model, the Mi 3, something along the lines of 2.4cm.

Much like other fitness devices, you can take the Mi Smart Band 4 swimming, in the shower, at the gym as it's waterproof up to 50 meters.

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Fitness tracking ability?

I'm taking a look at the fitness ability of the band to see what this is all about! While out and about, I've been able to go around testing out the step counter to see if it compared well to a fitbit. It does tally up the counts pretty accurately.

The tracker provides you with a heart monitor that sits comfortably on your wrist. The heart rate monitor isn't active the entire time. Your heart rate is recorded periodically.

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You can start the heart rate monitor via the smart band, the app on your phone or, by engaging in a workout routine. The workout routine will enable the continuous heart monitor until done.

If you happen to be someone who goes out for a run, the tracker will keep track of that in conjunction with your phone's GPS.

Mi Smart Band 4 overviewMi Smart Band 4 status

As you can see, from the screen captures, there are a few more types of activities that can be tracked, such as cycling and swimming.

The device offers a lot for its bargain price of fitness tracking ability compared to other brands on the market.

Other Features Included

Having a stopwatch or a timer is a vital part of being in the fitness business! Among those features is the ability to track your sleep patterns, such as deep sleep, light sleep, awake time etc.

Getting alerts, notifications, and a plethora of other information is essential! You will find that you can customize and enable various other useful information.

You do get to have a bit of fun with the Mi Smart Band 4,  you can customize the display with some fun and interesting themes.

Mi Smart Band 4 theme_op


I've covered that earlier in my introduction of the review with an average of 20-days on a single charge. I'm running at 5-days with only 76% left on my battery.

Charging up the tracker is pain. You have to take it out of the band and connect it to its dock. No USB-C or MicroUSB, it charges via a dock with the pogo pins in the back.

Mi Smart Band 4 notifications

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Interested to find out more? Check out the Mi website!

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