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If you're in the market for a pair of headphone that delivers top notch sound, has a unique design, takes focus on providing a quality product, you'd be hard pressed to pass over Master & Dynamic MH30's. The MH30's are the smaller more compact version over the MH40. While smaller, compact, foldable and easy to bring along with you anywhere, M&D made no compromise on audio quality! They've created a lot of buzz for themselves in as little as 2 years and this has pushed them into a space of their own and people have taken notice. With a 40mm dynamic drivers, high-grade material, detachable cable, muff covered in sheepskin you'd be a fool not to take them for a spin. Since everyone has a different style, M&D has made sure to provide a wide range of colours that is sure to match anyone style.

Before going in-depth, take a look at the quick highlights of the pro's and con's of the MH30.


MH30 Box set

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I wasn't expecting to get these headphones quite as fast as I did. Literally overnight shipping. The order was processed on a Friday evening and by Monday morning 9am, it was sitting on my desk. I wish you guys could have seen my face when I opened up the package, my jaw just dropped; The usual presentation isn't usually this class and this was “CLASS”. A very nice box set, a nice design, some bevel on the box, nice big choices for the font with a cover flap holding everything neatly in the box.

MH30 Technical specs

Opening the flap leads you to these gorgeous crafted metal headphones with a sleek leather cup holder which houses all the cables and adapters. The attention to the design, the feel, the shape, the scanlines on the rings, the metal carbon texture on the pins and the overall look of the leather, the sheepskin covered muff makes this a thoroughly enjoyable experience to handle.

Within the leather cup holder, you'll have 2 sets of cables and a 3/4 jack adapter. The quality of the braided cable and the metal aluminium finish on both ends really demonstrates how far Master & Dynamic are willing to go to have consumers come back for their headphones need. The fist cable I grabbed was the one that connects to your audio device of choice and into the ear cup of the headphone. The second cable that we have in the box is a straight through MALE-MALE jack connector. This would allow you to connect another set of headphone to enjoy with someone.

At the bottom of the box, you'll be greeted with the standard user manual, warranty details and a nice bag to store your headphones when you want to throw them in your backpack. The choice of accessories, the material used all make for a better consumer experience.

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Plush leathers and solid metals are what the MH30 are all about. The aluminium design is carried out the headphone; From the earcup to the adjustable metal pin and the finishes. The MH30 offers everything in terms of all day comfort, quality, built to withstand abuse and more.

The plush feeling of the cowhide leather on the top band and the sheepskin covered muffs are a delight to my ears. I'm not usually picky when it comes to headphones, but this time, I can feel myself drifting to sleep with them on when I lie down to relax.

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While my focus isn't always music related, Master & Dynamic came onto my plate when a friend recommended to look into them and see if I can go for a joy ride with them. I mostly listen to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and I can provide you with a GUARANTEE, these have some of the BEST kickass natural basses feel to them. It's definitely on my OMG list.

With the solid levels of both the depth and the width, it allows me to feel as if I'm just there a few steps away. Note decay is very good probably due to the use of solid materials and this is further evident in the noticeable lack of resonance created from the earcups.

There's very little overlap and bleed into the midrange. The sub-bass extension is good, not overly powerful but they do have an ability to get low and are only really pushed past their limit when you go to the extreme side of dubstep music. The details in the bass can be heard quite well and clear, snappy and decent of amount of speed to keep up with some of the craziest music.


The midrange level on the MH30 is probably the highlight of the MH30. Its representation will entice you to deeper your listening sessions. The slight warmth combined with a high level of detail for these portable headphone would impress anyone.

When it came time to slap on some great acapella, the vocals were smooth, very right and tight for both male/female. They were given room to breathe and shine.

The highs, depending on what you're listening to can shine, however, they don't come on top of the midrange. The balance within them seems to be fairly good. Keeping the low, mid and high at the needed level all without sounding neutral. Since there's nothing that slightly comes close to sounds you get this can make for long listening periods at times. This is the best option I've come across for portable headphones.

For a first experience with Master & Dynamic, as a consumer of music, the MH30 have nailed it. Not knowing much about the company prior to my research and getting a review unit, I would not have been able to say yes or no. This is a definite YES in my book.

This is a high-end product, it provides anyone with great sounds for any music style, it offers premium comfort, design and experience. It does come at a cost, $329 USD. The MH30 are meant to be enjoyed by people who enjoy listening to music.

Thumbs up for Master & Dynamic MH30's.


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