Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack made of Recyclable material: Review

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Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack made of Recyclable material

I often am on the go and have to carry various things with me. I need a reliable, decent backpack that will be able to support my lifestyle. Working in the tech world, I often have to be going places, and this is where the Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack comes into play. There's a lot of different types, design styles, storage options that it can be a whirlwind. This backpack does offer something unique it's made of recyclable materials.

Lenovo Eco Pro is a limited-time 15.6-inch backpack that was launched for EarthDay 2020. It's almost entirely made out of recyclable materials, touted as the first-ever eco-friendly bag. A large portion, 83%, is made of recycled content, which cumulates to about 34-plastic water bottles.

  • Easy-access smaller pockets & side water-bottle pockets.
  • Hidden security pocket.
  • 83% recycled.
  • Dedicated, protective laptop compartment.
  • Large storage area with accessory pockets.
  • Breathable mesh back panel.
  • Trolley strap attached backpack to rolling luggage.
  • A special edition of our top-selling premium ThinkPad Professional Backpack (ground-up design).

Eco Pro Design

Looking at the design, we can see there's a diamond shape pattern throughout the fabric. The material feels durable and well crafted. The multitudes of zippers all have green string looped into them except for the bottle pouch, the back pocket and the top front pocket, which is orange.

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Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack made of Recyclable material
Eco Pro – Recyclable Material

On the front side, we have two big pouches. The top pocket offers a large storage compartment with a secondary inner pouch that can accommodate anything from sunglasses to smartphones or others. There's also an orange clip that can assist with securing items. The bottom is a large simple pouch.

If you pull apart the two zippers sitting at the top in front of the handle, you'll expose the main compartment of the Lenovo Eco Pro backpack. You can easily see two pockets with a zippered mesh bottom. On the reverse, there are additional pockets, the upper one from the top occupies about 3/4 of the space. There's room for a smartphone, pens, and I believe a passport pocket.

The two zippers, behind the handle, will open up to the laptop and tablet pockets. Storing my 15-inch Dell work laptop with some accessories is a breeze. I used the tablet pocket to store my own Matebook 13.

The backside offers plenty of comfort with its padded finish, supportive padded straps. I'm noticing that there's a middle strap that allows you to affix this to a handle of a rolling suitcase that keeps everything neatly together. A hidden bottom pocket is also noted in the back, which blends with the back finish.

Support & Protection

The bag seems to hold its form quite well for a typical grab and go. Where my concern lies is in keeping its form and support while under heavy load. The bottom doesn't appear to offer much in terms of back support to help alleviate the stress put on your shoulders and back.

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You might want to consider that Lenovo's Ero Pro doesn't offer any waterproofing or resistance. I know that for many, this will be a deciding factor.

Lenovo Eco Pro – Photos Gallery

[foogallery id=”10496″]

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How Much?

For those looking into a new backpack, you can get it for $125.99 Canadian ($89.99 US). I wonder if this is priced competitively for the Canadian market. You can get the Eco Pro from Lenovo directly, I've shared the links below.


United States

Reviews Final Thoughts

You'll get a great durable backpack by Lenovo, which is recyclable. It is a great choice if you are environmentally concerned and are actively engaging in reducing your footprint. There's plenty of storage for anyone that aims to run around with it. It's a good companion to have around for your everyday activities.

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