iON Wireless Duo FAST Wireless-Charging by iOttie is unique: Review

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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iOttie iON Wireless Duo

Wireless-Charging is all the rage today. Today's smartphones come with QI charging capabilities, for the most part. Gone are the days of plugging a cable into your smartphone to give it a quick top-up. Although, juicing up your device via cable is still much faster than fast wireless-charging.

I'm always on the lookout for the next gadget to add to my work area and my battle station. With wireless charging being the norm for many, it wasn't completely crazy for me to start looking at better solutions. A thing I could have done is to add a wireless pad within the desk. I prefer seeing at eye level what notifications might be popping up.

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There's always the option to setup the phone app and “Windows 10” phone app to interface with my device to see what's happening. But that isn't what I'm doing today.

In case you're into fast wireless-charging, I have the iON Wireless Duo by iOttie to showcase!


An elegant, minimal-designed accessory blends into any office or home space, the plush textile-wrapped upright charging stand complements any décor. The rubberized charging pad ensures Qi-enabled devices stay in place for faster charging with no need for magnets or straps. An element that could be considered by iOttie, adding a USB-A or USB-C port to allow for charging devices that aren't QI enabled.

What can it do?

Whether you're from the Apple world or the Android world, there's no reason to fight. The dual QI wireless fast-charging pads allow you to charge one of each or two of the same. Delivering 7.5W that iPhones enjoy while pushing out the 10W that most Android devices will take advantage of. You can even use a Qi-enabled smartphone case and charge compatible Apple products, headsets, smartwatches, and more.

Cheap or pricey?

The iON Wireless Duo from iOttie is only $49.95. I don't think this is pricey for what you get.

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iON Wireless Duo Fast Charging Stand-Pad review pic 2

Final thoughts

The iON Wireless Duo is a great charger that doubles as a wireless charging stand. Not only can it charge two devices at once, but it also comes with a fabric cover that is comfortable to use and looks good. There's no USB port, though, which makes it less practical for other devices that aren't compatible with wireless charging, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem since many devices support it.

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Another interesting piece of gear when you need to charge wirelessly on the go here.

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