How To Make Your Amazing Tech Work For You BETTER!

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When we purchase technology, we tend to do so because it makes our life easier, more fun, or even more secure. For example, renovating your home and using smart home appliances can allow for better security systems, convenient voice assistants, and even smart kitchen appliances that make your time in this space more comfortable, providing extra features.

As such, we purchase tech and curate its use for our purposes. But your usual tech habits may, indeed, be ignoring a great deal of utility that you’re missing out on, based on a lack of setting preferences, syncing tech products together, or even ignoring entire product categories that you may find.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to make your tech work for you and the extent to which this is possible. In the long run, we hope the tips you pick up here can help you become a more confident tech user, no matter your age and experience, before coming to this post:

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Set Your Display Preferences

It’s vital to ensure the best viewing experience of your device is up to your needs. Setting the auto-brightness feature can be practical, but you may also benefit from setting night lights to restrict the UV light during some part of the day. Phones and laptops support this depending on your operating software, but you may also find it on devices like the newest e-readers, such as Amazon Kindles.

Setting your fonts (dyslexic fonts are increasingly available, which can be tremendously handy), your sizes (don’t feel you have to squint if this is uncomfortable), and also making sure you set the colour balance on your devices. This way, you can reduce eye strain, be comfortable, and feel as though your device is clear, consistent, and pleasurable.

Connect Like-Devices Together

Did you know that your home devices can talk to one another? For example, your phone may connect to your YouTube account or your television’s YouTube app, allowing you to direct play YouTube videos on the big screen whenever you’re in your living room. It can also be practical for following a recipe in the kitchen or putting a yoga video on the big screen.

With home assistants and devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can connect to a range of your wifi-enabled products and control them with voice commands.

Consider Routines & Voice Preferences

Home assistants offer “routines,” which are actions to be conducted at a specific time or when you ask your home assistant to do so. If you have some of those tech products in your home, it can be a great way to wake up in the morning. So, as you wake up, you might say ‘Hello X’ – with X serving as whatever you’ve chosen to name the device. 

Settings off some routines, which open your curtains, turn on your television to the news channel, set your speakers to play low-volume early morning jazz music, and even start boiling your coffee pot in the other room. As all this happens, your lights slowly but surely increase in brightness to welcome you calmly to the day ahead. Frankly, this is thoroughly exciting to see up close and can help you geek out over the latest smart home appliances. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Consider The Right Tech For You

You don’t need the latest and greatest tech to find technology that works for you. For example, DrDrone has many different drone types, some even work in emergency or industrial applications. You should see how some tech may or may not be right for you.

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Learning what these specs are and how they counterbalance one another, can be found on websites for a wide array of goods. You can look at the weight, dimensions, and features of products. As an example, in some Logitech mice, you can remove weight or add small weights for productivity purposes. In others, simple wireless connectivity and long battery life are all you need; This can help you determine what kind of user you are and the long-term support you may need to feel enthused by your purchase.

Keeping Backups

Many people use their tech to help organize their lifestyles. The modern-day offers a wide range of apps for keeping your life organized, from Google Keep to Evernote. Cloud services like Google One can consolidate all your “personal” digital content in one place, no matter where you log in.

Make sure that the auto-upload is on; This enables your content to be stored in the cloud. If you share an account, you can share this with family members, and it is all customizable based on your usage needs, whether you need less or more space, and can help your smartphone and computer work together no matter where you travel.

On top of this, you can set your devices to conjure notes, alarms, reminders and even cyclical pointers such as stoicism quotes delivered to you each morning to prepare you for your day. Finally, use your digital calendar via a service like Apple or Google Calendar. It does ensure you never miss a meeting and are never caught by surprise by an event ahead of time.

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