Homey Pro 2023 Smart Home Hub Review – The Future is Here!

The one hub to rule them all.

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Homey Pro 2023 Smart Home Hub
4.5 Incredible power, seamless automation, and a glimpse into the future of smart homes - Homey Pro 2023 truly sets a new standard for connected living. An absolute must-have for tech enthusiasts!

Tired of smart home gadgets that don't play nice? The Homey Pro 2023 is here to finally unify your devices into one simplified system.

This powerhouse hub brings all your IoT gear under one roof – no more juggling multiple apps! Its intuitive controls put next-level automation at your fingertips.

I've tested countless smart home platforms, but Homey Pro 2023 stands above. Read my hands-on review to see how Homey can enhance your connected life.

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Homey Pro 2023 - The Ultimate Smart Home Hub

Homey Pro 2023 Specs – Under the Hood

Let's get technical! Here are the nitty-gritty hardware details powering the Homey Pro 2023:

Processor1.8 GHz Quad Core ARM processor delivers blazing-fast performance
Memory2 GB of RAM for responsive multitasking
Storage8 GB of onboard storage for apps, backups, and media
WiFiDual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz & 5GHz) with antenna diversity
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0 LE keeps accessories connected
ThreadComing Q3 2023 for robust IoT networking
ZigbeeZigbee 3.0 hub with improved range and reliability
Z-WaveZ-Wave 700 Series for monitoring smart sensors
Infrared (IR)IR transmitter for controlling entertainment systems
EthernetOptional adapter for wired connectivity
MatterSupport coming Q2 2023 for next-gen smart home devices
BackupBackup locally over LAN or optional low-cost cloud service

With these high-end components, Homey Pro 2023 has the hardware performance needed to serve as the brains of your smart home. It has the processing muscle for advanced automation as your connected ecosystem grows.

Overall, the specs provide the ideal foundation for Homey Pro 2023 to stay at the top of its game both now and years down the road. The future-proofed hardware can handle whatever today's most demanding smart homes throw at it!

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Unboxing the Homey Pro 2023

The future has arrived in a sleek little package! Unboxing the Homey Pro 2023 feels like unpacking a gadget from a sci-fi movie.

Its puck-shaped body and rainbow light ring give it an inviting, almost mesmerizing look. Don't let its friendly appearance fool you though – this powerhouse is packed with next-gen tech.

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Homey Pro 2023 runs on a blazing fast 1.8 GHz quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM – plenty of horsepower to handle your connected kingdom. It rocks dual-band WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and more to wrangle all your devices with ease.

Once plugged in, just download the Homey app on your smartphone and follow the simple setup. Get ready to meet the new boss of your smart home!

Impressions, Pros and Cons Homey Pro 2023

When I was evaluating the Homey Pro 2023's main advantages and disadvantages, I wanted to focus on the stuff that really matters for making your smart home dreams a reality. That's why for the pros, unlimited device support, automation capabilities, and local processing rose to the top.

Let's face it – having limits on how many gadgets you can connect is a non-starter these days when our homes are bursting with smart tech. The same goes for needing the cloud – onboard processing gives you the speed and privacy so many of us crave. Advanced features to make devices react automatically based on your patterns and preferences are where the true potential lies.

Now for the cons – I singled out the steeper cost and learning curve because those are often the biggest barriers for folks new to next-gen smart home hubs. Sure you can do incredible things with the Homey Pro 2023, but you have to be willing to shell out more upfront and put in the time to master it. If you're just looking for basic control, this much horsepower could be overkill.

But at the end of the day, products like the Homey Pro 2023 represent the future for those wanting to unlock their connected home's full potential. A few compromises come with that immense power. It just depends on your needs and willingness to embrace the advanced capabilities. Anyway, those were my thoughts on the key factors that stood out most when evaluating this slick little automation hub!

Linking Devices with Ease

Connecting devices to past hubs often felt like a battle. Endless twisting antennas and standing in weird spots to pair gadgets got old fast. Homey Pro 2023 tosses that frustration out the window. Its upgraded wireless tech locks onto signals far better than before. New devices are discovered instantly without the “walk of shame” around the house.

Homey Pro supports over 50,000 devices out of the box, from popular brands like Philips Hue, Nest, Sonos and more. Can't find your gadget? Homey's App Store has custom integrations for everything under the sun.

With Homey Pro 2023, expanding your smart home feels futuristic. And thanks to its ample memory and processing power, you can connect an unlimited number of devices with no slowdowns!

Imagine the Possibilities with Homey Pro 2023

The Homey Pro 2023 isn't just cool technology – it can truly enhance your daily life when put to creative use. Here are just a few ways you could use it:

  • Start your day right with a Flow that opens the blinds, turns on the coffee maker, and plays a morning playlist when your alarm goes off.
  • Make things cozier by creating a “movie night” scene to dim the lights, power on the TV and A/V system, and activate the popcorn maker.
  • Save energy by setting lights and appliances to turn off automatically when no motion is detected for a set time.
  • Know if your kids make it home safely by having Homey text you when it detects their phones have connected to the home WiFi.
  • Randomly activate interior lights while you're away to deter potential intruders.
  • When smoke detectors activate, have Homey shut off the furnace, turn on all lights, and play alarms – even when you're not home.
  • No more forgetting if you locked the doors since Homey can let you know their locked/unlocked status on demand.

The possibilities are truly endless with Homey Pro 2023's powerful automation capabilities enhancing your home. Give your imagination free rein to think of clever ways Homey could simplify and enrich your life!

Automating Your Life with Flow

Here's where Homey Pro 2023 really shines – automatically coordinating your gadgets based on routines, triggers and your presence. Creating automation is simple with Homey's intuitive Flow interface. Just set your “When this happens” trigger, add some optional “And/Or” conditions, and let Homey take action accordingly.

Homey Pro 2023 comes loaded with hundreds of Flow templates to get you started. Turn on the porch lights at sunset, blink Hue bulbs when your Nest detects motion, and even tweet a photo from your security cam when an alarm trips. The options are endless! Advanced users will love Homey's Actions and Variables for crafting truly customized flows. Make your smart home dance to your tune!

Monitoring Your Home's Health

Homey Pro 2023 doesn't just automate your home – it gives you an all-access look under the hood too. The Insights tab charts your home's vital signs over time, like temperature trends and energy usage. Webcams let you peek in on rooms remotely. With battery-powered devices, Homey Pro can even alert you when power is running low. Knowledge is power, and Homey Pro 2023 delivers it in spades. Get a deeper understanding of your home's habits for next-level optimization.

Expanding Possibilities with Apps

Homey Pro 2023 shines bright right out of the box, but its free App Store opens the doors to even more possibilities. Official Homey apps add support for new devices and services. Community-built apps let you fine-tune Homey like never before, with advanced logic blocks, custom actions and so much more. Homey Pro runs local and cloud apps for the best of both worlds. Take your automation to the next level with just a few taps!

Backing Up Your Smart Home Locally

Most hubs require the cloud to function, but not Homey Pro 2023. It processes everything locally for optimal speed, reliability and privacy. When your internet goes down, Homey soldiers on unfazed. It can even back up your settings to internal storage or a networked PC. No subscription is required! Homey Pro 2023 puts you in control of your smart home data. Local processing keeps your information safe while giving you the flexibility of optional cloud connectivity.

Bringing Matter and Thread Onboard

To top it all off, Homey Pro 2023 is ready to embrace the next wave of smart home tech. Matter support is arriving later this year, letting Homey chat natively with Matter-certified gadgets. No longer will you need separate bridges – Matter will unify everything! Thread support is also slated for 2023. This wireless mesh protocol helps devices communicate flawlessly regardless of network setup. Homey Pro 2023 gives you the best of today's standards, plus lays the groundwork for what comes next. Your smart home investment is future-proof!

Smart Home Controller - Homey Pro 2023


Got questions about the new Homey Pro? We've got answers!

  • What's the deal with app compatibility?

    Good news! Most apps will work right out of the box with Homey Pro. The only exceptions are apps that need to be updated to the latest Apps SDK. Developers were given a heads-up about this, so any incompatible apps will be clearly marked in the Homey App Store. We recommend checking for warnings before installing an app just to be safe.

  • Does Homey Pro come with Advanced Flow already enabled?

    You betcha! Advanced Flow is included at no extra cost with all Homey Pro units. Consider it our gift to you for being an awesome customer!

  • Can I use Homey Pro with my Homey Bridges?

    Absolutely! This setup is called Satellite Mode, and it allows you to extend the wireless range of your Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433 MHz, and Infrared devices by linking up your Homey Pro with one or more Homey Bridges. Pretty slick!

  • Do I need the Ethernet adapter to use Homey Pro?

    Not at all! Homey Pro works great over WiFi on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. But we know a wired connection is always more reliable, so we offer the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter for those wanting a rock-solid hardwired setup. Think of it like extra insurance for your smart home network!

  • When can I buy the Ethernet adapter separately?

    Soon! The Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter will be available for individual purchase in the near future. Just hang tight!

  • Can I use third-party Ethernet adapters?

    We don't recommend it. While they might work, we can't officially support or guarantee compatibility with anything other than our own Homey-branded adapter. Maybe leave those dicey third-party dongles to less important devices.

  • Can I restore my old Homey Pro backup on the new model?

    Migration complete! Backups from any 2016-2019 Homey Pro can be seamlessly restored on the latest model. Your Devices, Flows, Insights, Apps, Users – all of it will carry right over. Just be aware any SDK v2 apps will need updating, and Zigbee devices will need manual repairing. A small price to pay for smart home salvation!

  • Is Homey Pro different based on region?

    Nope, it's the same worldwide! The antennas automatically adjust to local regulations, and we'll ship them with the right power adapter for your country. It's global domination made easy!

  • Is Homey Pro available in the US and Canada now?

    You bet! Homey Pro now ships to North America with US Z-Wave frequencies and the required power adapter. Alexa, cue the air horns!

  • When is Matter support coming?

    Matter is slated to arrive in Q2 2023. Just hang on a little longer!

  • And what about Thread support?

    Thread is hot on Matter's heels, expected in Q3 2023. The smart home of the future is almost here!

  • Will older Homey models still get updates?

    Absolutely! We won't leave our loyal customers hanging – updates will continue rolling out to all Homey generations.

  • Did you remove the speaker on the Pro?

    We did indeed remove the built-in speaker. Our thinking is that dedicated speakers like Sonos deliver far better audio for voice and sound effects. The future is speakerless!

  • What power adapter comes in the box?

    No worries, we've got you covered! The right power adapter for your region is included with every Homey Pro. Just take it out of the box and plug it in – easy as pie.

Homey Pro 2023 vs. Homey Bridge

The Pro 2023 is Homey's premium smart home hub, while the Bridge is the basic model. Here's how they compare:

  • Pro supports 50,000+ devices out of the box, Bridge only connects 5 devices for free.
  • Pro works with tons of brands the Bridge doesn't, like Nanoleaf and Govee.
  • Pro enables advanced automation, but Bridge lacks those capabilities.
  • Pro processes locally for optimal speed/privacy, Bridge needs the cloud.
  • Pro has a quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM, Bridge is slower.
  • Pro does 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi, and Bridge is 2.4GHz only.
  • Pro brings future-proofing with Matter and Thread.
  • Pro allows full local backups, but Bridge doesn't.
  • Pro supports more apps and integrations.
  • Pro costs more upfront but no monthly fees after.

The bottom line? The Homey Bridge is fine for minor needs, but the Pro 2023 is the smart home hub to get for whole home control. With maximum device support, processing power, and customization options, the Homey Pro 2023 is the clear winner for automation pros! You can view the Homey Bridge review here.

Price & Availability – Homey Pro 2023

Ready to make the Homey Pro 2023 the control center of your connected home? Here's what you need to know about getting your hands on one:

The Homey Pro 2023 has an MSRP of $399 in the United States and $549 in Canada. This gives you the hub hardware plus access to the Homey app for iOS and Android. You can purchase the Homey Pro 2023 directly from Homey's website at https://homey.app, as well as from major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

Global availability is a go – the Homey Pro 2023 is sold in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and beyond. So no need to fret about regional restrictions.

The good news is you can order the Homey Pro 2023 right now! No more waiting or pre-ordering. Just visit Homey's site or your favourite electronics retailer and add one to your cart.

At $399, the Homey Pro 2023 is priced as a premium smart home hub. But keep an eye out for periodic deals and bundles that may offer discounts off the full retail cost. Ready to rule your smart home kingdom? Make the Homey Pro 2023 yours today and take total control of your connected life!

Expanding Connectivity with the Ethernet Adapter

In addition to its exceptional wireless capabilities, the Homey Pro 2023 offers the option to enhance connectivity through an Ethernet Adapter, available for $29 in the United States and $39 in Canada. This optional accessory provides a rock-solid wired connection, ensuring the utmost reliability for your smart home network.

The Verdict: A Smart Home Hero

In the world of smart home hubs, Homey Pro 2023 is the new sheriff in town. It brings long-awaited features like Matter under one sleek roof. With its ample processing power, intuitive automation and local control, Homey Pro 2023 delivers the smart home experience we've always wanted. If you're looking to wrangle all your gadgets into one holistic system, this is your huckleberry. Homey Pro 2023 sets the standard for the next generation of smart homes.

The future is here – isn't it time your home joined it? Bring all your devices together and unlock their full potential with Homey Pro 2023 today. You and your gadgets deserve it!

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Homey Pro 2023 Smart Home Hub
Incredible power, seamless automation, and a glimpse into the future of smart homes - Homey Pro 2023 truly sets a new standard for connected living. An absolute must-have for tech enthusiasts! 4.5
Price 4
Ease of setup 5
Compatibility 4
Automation capabilities 4
App experience 5
Features 5
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