Earbuds Freebuds 4i from Huawei are Impressive – Review & Giveaway

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Intro – Freebuds 4i

Huawei is doing a tremendous job with audio wearables, especially when it comes to the Freebuds 4i. I had the opportunity to review the company's truly wireless earbuds, which bring incredible battery life and powerful noise cancellation abilities. There's a GIVEAWAY opened to all Canadian residents at the bottom.

Design & Comfort

My grip with most is having a comfortable fit. The Freebuds 4i is an improvement over the Freebuds 3i with slightly thicker stems, rubber tips for a better fit, and strong magnets at the very end. It's hard to figure out how to remove the buds from the case because they are shiny and sleek. But once you get used to it, you will be able to pull them out easily eventually.

These earbuds are super comfy. I can go about my routine without them falling out, and it's perfect for an extended period of music bliss. The touch sensor is easy to use, and it does not affect the fit or the placement of the buds.

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Huawei Freebuds 4i true wireless
Huawei Freebuds 4i $138.99 CAD

What are the Features?

The app lets you customize the music player's controls with a double-tap, touch & hold, or long-press. It also has three noise cancellation modes (Off, Awareness, and Noise cancellation) that can be used by long-pressing the button. You can disable the phone's vibration alert by long-pressing the toggle too.

The Off mode on the Freebuds 4i is the default setting. The Active Noise Cancellation feature works in tandem with the Passive Noise Suppression technology to cut out the background noise. It is to reduce background noise when you are actively using earbuds. Awareness activates the external mic and amplifies the surrounding noise while dimming the current audio.

Huawei Freebuds 4i true wireless


The key feature here is noise cancellation, and this is what makes it worth the price. We are not sure how many of the earphones in this price range come with ANC, and that's why we used it to highlight its desirability. The microphones do a great job of reducing background noise, which is the must-have feature.

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The Huawei Freebuds 4i can be connected to a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth and act as standard wireless earphones. However, to get all the extra features of the Freebuds 4i, you need to download the app from the AppGallery, on Huawei's website, or by using the QR code on the box.

Huawei Freebuds 4i true wireless

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Battery Life buds & case

Huawei Freebuds 4i are wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a 55mAh battery each and a 215mAh capacity in the case. The company claims a 10-hour continuous playback time at 50% volume, without any ANC turned enabled.

In my testing, I had variable results from 4 to 8 hours worth of music playback; This varied considerably depending on which feature I had on or what intensity I had the volume.

Huawei Freebuds 4i true wireless

Audio Quality

The Huawei Freebuds 4i have polymeric diaphragms and 10mm dynamic coil drivers that work together to provide clear sound when listening to music on YouTube Music or Spotify. The sound is balanced, and the vocals are well defined, which makes listening to streaming music easy.

I'm well aware that the HiFi users are probably cringing, but for everyday use, this works for the general consumer to which Huawei is targeting these too. The AI Life app doesn't have an equalizer, so you can't tune the sound. However, the trebles and bass are still very good.

The sound of calls is also crystal clear on both ends; the microphones are doing a great job picking your voice outside in the busy street. During the testing, I did calls over 4G, 5G and through the internet for a conference call over Discord.

Should you Buy it?

The Huawei Freebuds 4i is an excellent choice for a budget ANC earbud. The company did an impressive job at improving on the previous model while keeping the price in line. Huawei is in a class of its own with Active-Noise-Cancelling in a pair of earbuds below $200. With a price tag of CAD 138.99, you'll have a hard time finding the same for cheaper.

The design received an extra boost, making it more attractive to consumers (especially young ones). The new wireless ANC technology in the Freebuds 4i is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a quality pair of earbuds.

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Giveaway (Canada)

If you reside in Canada, I have a GIVEAWAY for you! I'm giving away a set of the Huawei Freebuds 4i of your very own! You can join via the GLEAM panel below! The giveaway runs from Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 to Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021.

Si tu résides au Canada, j'ai un concours pour toi! Tu as la chance de gagner une paire d'écouteur Huawei Freebuds 4i. Pour participer, remplir la fiche ci-dessous. Le concour roule du 19 Mai 2021 aux 2 Juin 2021.

Giveaway NEW Huawei Freebuds 4i

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