Get Your Share of the $245 Million Fortnite Settlement

Millions of players may be eligible for a payout from Epic Games

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Epic Games, the maker of the hugely popular game Fortnite, has agreed to pay $245 million to settle allegations that it used deceptive tactics that tricked players into making unwanted in-game purchases. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has now opened up the claims process so that more than 37 million potentially affected Fortnite users can apply to receive compensation.

Here are some key points about the settlement:

  • The FTC accused Epic of using “dark pattern” techniques and intentionally confusing interface design to drive unwanted spending, especially by younger players.
  • Eligible claimants include Fortnite players who were charged for purchases they didn't want to make between January 2017 and September 2022.
  • Parents can also apply on behalf of children who racked up unauthorized charges. This covers children who made in-game purchases between January 2017 and November 2018.
  • Players who had their accounts locked after disputing charges with their credit card company may also qualify.
  • The deadline to submit a claim is January 17, 2024.
  • Individual payout amounts have not yet been determined.

This settlement requires Epic Games to change its business practices around in-game spending. It is now prohibited from using dark patterns, charging people without consent, and locking accounts when players dispute charges.

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Want to find out if you're eligible and apply for your share? The FTC has set up a dedicated website with all the details at According to the FTC, you may qualify for the refund if:

  • You were charged in-game currency for items you didn’t want between January 2017 and September 2022
  • Your child made charges to your credit card without your knowledge between January 2017 and November 2018
  • Your account was locked between January 2017 and September 2022 after you complained to your credit card company about wrongful charges

Millions of Fortnite players may have money waiting for them. Don't miss out on your share of the $245 million settlement fund. Head to now to file your claim and learn more.

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