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With the way technology seems to be going, it seems like electronics will just keep getting smaller. There are all sorts of gadgets that we can’t live without nowadays, and most of us have a couple of them with us at all times. One such gadget is a smartphone, which is a must-have for most people and is almost always with you when you leave the house. That said, there are still some conveniences that could come in handy.

If you’re on the hunt for new tech, here are some of the newest devices to add to your EDC loadout. We’ve rounded up key finders, SD cards, car chargers, wireless earbuds, speakers that are small and powerful, and more. You can enjoy affordable prices on these items just by knowing where to look.

You might not be able to imagine a better life at home, but it’s possible. Imagine how nice it would be to vacuum without lifting a finger. Never worry about a tough steak again. Picture a world where you never lose your keys and your thermostat is always set correctly. You might never need to do dishes again!

This is the reason why my featured gadgets list exists!

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How To Find A Lucrative Niche For Online Retailers

Martin Guay
When it comes to the success of e-commerce companies, one term used as the main success factor: the right niche. No wonder. In online retail, those who find a lucrative niche can differentiate themselves skillfully from their competitors. Through their product offerings and editorial content, they...
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Pickaxe Miner Android crypto miner

Martin Guay
Pickaxe Crypto Miner I was browsing Tiktok like I usually do most evenings, and I came across something of interest. An app by Nathaniel whos also known as @nanobytesinc on the Tiktok social media platform. What intrigued me, as it did many others, was...
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Is Technology Taking Your Business Around a Loop?

Martin Guay
Is Technology Taking Your Business Around a Loop? Typically in business, we assume that technological implementations will boost productivity and make way for supercharged processes that drastically expand our capabilities. The impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technological innovations that transform operations from the...
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Android News & All the Bytes is a website where technology meets consumers. People can find reviews, tech information, news releases, gadgets and interesting topics. We delve into Android devices, gadgets, accessories, home automation and even gaming. You could say we are an all-around tech crew.The idea came around late 2015 to develop into what it is today. As you might note the name “Android News & All the Bytes” covers a variety of fun things.

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