DESTEK VR v4 is affordable and easy to use

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The DESKTEK VR v4 Glasses I've been playing with is very well built. I find that it's better built than the Google VR ones. Coming in at $39.99 CAD on Amazon Canada, this makes them quite affordable for anyone looking into getting in the VR world.
The DESKTEK VR v4 is on par with some of the lower cost headset with a high quality built, base on the experience of the user. This is perfect if you want to immerse yourself and still be comfortable.

DESKTEK VR v4 Glasses reviewDESTEK VR v4 by Martin Guay android canada ottawa

What comes with this specific model? Inside the box we can find a carrying pouch, the comfortable leather straps, a cleaning lens cloth, there's an adjuster on the top of the set to for the distance and the clarity of the view.

The headset provides a wide field of view of 103 degrees, binocular vision used to perceive depth as we would normally without the glasses. It still takes a bit of time to adjust to the focus of how the interactivity of it is.

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The lens of the VR v4 has been designed in a way that would provide prolong exposure to the VR experience without straining the user's eyes, with lenses made of acrylic which can transmit 92% of available this makes them ideal. An anti-blue like coating was also added to the lens to ensure that you wouldn't strain your eyes.

There's a nice cushioned area around the headset that allows it to rest comfortably as possible on your face, with the added strap to hold on to your head and alleviate any of the pressure. What all this blub means is that you can wear this for a few hours once you've set it up properly. I've watched a movie with this on and I was slightly floored by how well it was doing and the immersive experience gave me a bit of a scare the first time.

DESTEK VR v4 by Martin Guay android canada ottawa

The top of the DESTEK VR v4 offers a touch sensitive button in case you don't have a controller, this helps with the selection and or the gameplay that one would make.

The part where you'll insert your smartphone can accommodate virtually any make and model from 4.5-inches to a maximum of 6-inches. This should work for the majority of devices on the market. Yes, I'm aware we now have larger than 6-inch phones.

If you are used to using glasses, you may want to skip the VR v4 glasses, since it would be comfortable for most. It's unfortunate that most of these devices are made for people who don't wear them. However, if you have contact lenses, you'll enjoy this.

I've had the pleasure of enjoying a few movies, some video games, some scenery apps and a few others. Now, I don't know about you, but I think the VR glasses, in general, are a niche market. It hasn't exploded all over the place. We did see a big boom about 2 years ago, but since then it's remained pretty much at the same place.

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I'm still hoping for the “holodeck” type of immersive experience like we've seen in Star Trek, but in the meantime, I guess this will have to do.

DESTEK VR v4 by Martin Guay android canada ottawa

You might want to check out some of these interesting VR Games that I personally enjoyed playing; First I have VR Fantasy which is an RPG fantasy base game, followed by Deep Space Battle VR as the name implies, you're in space with some battle spaceships. This should set you up for some good gaming time. Now when it comes to entertainment, I've got something different, Fulldive VR which allows you to select for a wide range of interesting movies, clips, concerts to be viewed in VR.

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