CPU vs. Monitor: The True Key to Gaming Domination

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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CPU vs. Monitor

When it comes to building an awesome gaming rig yourself, it is mainly a matter of getting your priorities straight. You want a killer machine that can dominate all games, but be mindful of your budget. 

I can explain why you need to spend more on your CPU than your monitor and why most gamers prioritize the wrong components. A good monitor is a good thing, but not the main one.

The Dilemma

When you are a PC enthusiast, the primary temptation is to splurge on a fancy monitor with high resolution, refresh rate, and colour accuracy. After all, it will make all your games look way better. There’s nothing like a high refresh rate, adaptive sync monitor that is HDR-capable to delight your eyes. 

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Put lots of thought into the value of the CPU or central processing unit. It is the brain of your computer and handles all the calculations and instructions that make your programs run. The faster and more powerful your CPU is, the smoother and more responsive your PC will be.

And this is where the tradeoff comes into play. If you spend most of your budget on a pricey monitor, you will have less to spend on the CPU – the component that drives it. 

Now, you might say that the GPU does most of the graphics rendering and that this might be just what matters for games. But GPUs are highly parallel devices. They are great for rendering scenes, and they aren’t so good at responding to user inputs or managing large numbers of frames themselves. Ultimately, that responsibility falls to the CPU and requires it to be powerful to deal with it. 

Sure, you need a decent gaming PSU that can supply enough power to the entire PC, but skimping on the CPU is not an option for modern gamers who want high refresh rates and the fastest reaction times. 

Let’s take a look at some specific reasons why you might want to spend more on your CPU than your monitor. 

Improve Performance In Multiple Tasks

Investing in a CPU can improve performance in multiple tasks, including:

  • Gaming
  • Video editing
  • Streaming
  • Multitasking

As such, you’re likely to get more bang for your buck than you would by spending extra on a monitor. While screen images might not look as beautiful, you’ll be able to get more done, and you won’t experience as much stuttering or loading. 

Longer Life For Your Machine

better CPU can also last longer and be more future-proof than a better monitor. Technology advances quickly, and new games and programs may require more processing power than your current CPU can handle. Having a more powerful processor in your system lets you access the latest apps. 

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Greater Efficiency

Lastly, buying new CPUs based on the latest architecture can improve efficiency significantly. Your gaming PC will cost less to run, reducing your bills and increasing the length of time you can afford to run it (which is particularly important if you use it for work). It also gives off less heat, helping to keep your system components cool, such as your GPU.

Here are some thoughts

Building an exceptional gaming rig requires careful consideration of component priorities. In this article, I emphasized the often overlooked but crucial role of the CPU in achieving gaming domination. While a high-quality monitor undoubtedly enhances visual experience, investing more in a powerful CPU is the true key to unlocking peak performance and responsiveness in your games.

As you embark on your journey to build or upgrade your gaming rig, remember the significance of allocating a substantial portion of your budget to the CPU. It serves as the brain of your system, enabling seamless calculations, multitasking, and overall efficiency. By prioritizing the CPU, you ensure longevity, future-proofing, and improved performance across various tasks, from gaming to video editing and streaming.

Now that you understand the vital role of the CPU, it is time to take action. Research and compare different CPU options, considering factors like clock speed, core count, and cache size. Select a CPU that aligns with your gaming ambitions and budget, keeping in mind the importance of striking the right balance between CPU, GPU, and other components.

Never settle for mediocre gaming experiences. Invest wisely, elevate your gameplay, and leave your competitors in awe. Whether you casual game or a dedicated enthusiast, the true key to gaming domination lies in your CPU. Choose wisely, and let the power of technology fuel your gaming adventures.

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