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Intro – BlueMail Productivity Hacks

With millions in self-quarantine, many people are transitioning to work from home plans for the near – and long – term, bringing a need to self-organize to stay on top of workflows.

Blix’s BlueMail, a leading email provider, has made it easier than ever to organize your inbox and manage to-do’s with efficiency while not physically at the office. With features such as “Get Stuff Done” turning emails into to-do lists with due dates/set reminders, and a “Cluster” feature that enables users to categorize and stack emails with avatars that aggregate people by groups, objectives, and services, personal organization and productivity has never been easier.

Also, its integrated calendar, unified inbox, and group mail features make it easy to customize how users receive calendar invites, view their emails across different accounts, and categorize projects/email threads based on the people they’re working with on each project.

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All sorts of BlueMail Productivity Hacks!

Breaking Down the Features

  • People-Centric
  • Clusters
  • Group Mail
  • Unified Inbox
  • Get Stuff Done
  • Instant Push
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Easy to Configure
  • Dark Theme
  • Visually Appealing
  • Email Aliases
  • Support Any Protocol
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Unread Count
  • Usable Offline
  • Scrollable & Unread Widgets
  • Android Wear & Apple Watch Support
  • Quick Filters
  • Encryption and Security
  • Usable On Any Device
  • Dynamic Smart Conversations
Email Blue Mail - Calendar
Email Blue Mail - Calendar
Developer: Blix Inc.
Price: Free

BlueMail Productivity Hacks

BlueMail – Get Stuff Done

Tasks sort your inbox by which emails require your attention the most and will remind you about an email when you need it. There is no need to open a planner anymore. Simply mark the email Later+ and let BlueMail know when you will have time. When you are ready, BlueMail will send you a notification to remind you. Afterwards, simply mark the email as Done to remove it from your task list. I would call this part of the BlueMail Productivity Hacks.

BlueMail – Integrated Calendar

BlueMail’s Calendar can be viewed from right within our app and we make sure it is automatically synced as new events are created and updated on the fly. In one tap, you can plan events, invite your contacts, and set notifications all within our easy to use calendar view.

Switch between Day and Agenda view as you find the right balance to plan your daily and weekly schedule, and use our scrollable Calendar to create reminders for events well into the future.

BlueMail also integrates .ics file invites so you can accept event invitations and add events right into your BlueMail Calendar. The calendar is available for Exchange ActiveSync accounts and Google accounts (that are added to your device’s account manager).

BlueMail – Clusters

Clusters instantly spring into action and elegantly bring together People, Groups, and Services. This creates a simple and easy to use interface which is more organized and alive with stacked avatars.

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When Clusters are enabled, emails are stacked with all previous emails from the same sender or group. Apart from cleaning your inbox clutter, this creates a new context-based view where you can easily see all previous communications exchanged which helps to navigate your inbox much more efficiently.

BlueMail – Group Mail

BlueMail Groups enable you to define groups of people you regularly communicate with to make sending and receiving messages more simple.

  • Shared Groups – Groups are seamlessly shared with all groups for their convenience.
  • Send to Groups – Instead of inserting all the contacts individually, write the group name and you are good to go.
  • Name & Photo – Assign a Group Name and a Photo for each group, to easily identify it.

Definitely, something to think about when you look at BlueMail Productivity Hacks!

BlueMail – Aliases

BlueMail supports alternate email addresses that point to your existing email account, also known as Aliases. Whether you are talking to potential home buyers, selling your car, or looking for a new job, aliases are the perfect solution for when you may need to use a temporary email address.

With BlueMail, an email sent to your alias would appear in the same email inbox as your main email address. You can also send an email from your alias without ever needing to switch accounts.

You can visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for both respective apps.

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