Black Shark Pro 2 poised to be The Best Portable Gaming Station

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Black Shark Pro 2 poised to be The Best Portable Gaming Station
Black Shark Pro 2 poised to be The Best Portable Gaming Station. Today the company officially released the Black Shark 2 Pro as its fourth product generation that redefines mobile gaming with the introduction of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Black Shark Pro 2 poised to be The Best Portable Gaming Station

By customizing the screen touch chipsets and algorithms, the Black Shark 2 Pro handling becomes an unforgettable experience.   

The 1st wave of gaming phones to be equipped with the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, up to 12+256GB, with UFS 3.0 Technology.

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  • Direct touch liquid cooling system 3.0: Black Shark 2 Pro features the 1st and only direct touch multilayer liquid cooling system in the world, which can reduce the temperature of core CPU by 14 degrees, lays a solid foundation for the performance of Snapdragon 855Plus.
  • The world's first smartphone that implements the 240Hz touch report rate for the synchronized action of ten fingers.
  • The world’s lowest latency screen touch – Response speed is optimized to only 34.7 ms, which is far ahead of all mobile phone products in the market!
  • The screen touch precision rate is as low as 0.3mm – Gamers can target the opponent precisely with a slight fingertip movement in an FPS game.
  • The creative mapping solution – When turning on the acceleration key of the direction compass, the distance of the finger movement can be modulated to get the same action as the character in the game, which is similar to the acceleration of a mouse DPI.
  • The Master Touch 2.0 – With the Master-Touch 2.0, gamers are able to press firmly on both left and right customized touch zones to trigger multiple on-screen actions with just two thumbs. The size of both touch zones and the pressure sensing value can personally be adjusted personally by each gamer.
  • The X-type antenna and F1 speedy curve – Black Shark 2 Pro has inherited from the exclusive X-type antenna ID language of the Black Shark family that keeps you online even when handling the device horizontally. In addition, it now holds the F1 speedy curve at the rear, which reflects an extremely fast and furious sense, thus having the most intuitive visual impact.

  • Considerate design for gamers – The model design of Black Shark 2 Pro fully complies with ergonomics. The curved waistline is designed for horizontal screen gaming, which feels more comfortable to hold during long gaming sessions.

  • Display – For a superior display performance, Black Shark 2 Pro features a full suite of display processing enhancements powered by Pixelworks, the leading provider of advanced power-efficient visual processing solutions. Equipped with Pixelwork’s Iris visual processor and asymmetrical AMOLED display with DCI-P3 colour gamut, Black Shark 2 Pro delivers cinematic viewing quality to bring high-performance gaming to life.

  • Audio – The power of the loudspeaker reaches 1W, which is rare in the industry. The bottom loudspeaker is hidden in the phone which makes the stereo effect preeminent together with the upper loudspeaker.

  • Camera – In the dual camera, the main lens carries Sony IMX 586 flagship IC with soupier analytical power. It supports 1920 frames of coagulation photography. In terms of the night shooting mode, Black Shark 2 Pro has upgraded the algorithm that allows the camera to capture more details at dark scenarios.

Black Shark will take the advantage of the gaming phone, user habits and multi-typing gaming optimization schemes as the breakthrough, to create a gaming open platform. At the same time, Black Shark will open the actively optimized portal for game producers, which can jointly improve the player’s gaming experience.” – Mr. Peter Wu, CEO of Black Shark Technology

With a mobile gaming market in continuous development, gamers have higher demands in graphics, in-game domination and many other aspects. It requires game producers and hardware manufacturers to closely cooperate to meet gamers’ needs. Thus far, Black Shark has successfully started the underlying technical cooperation, gaming experience upgrading projects and gaming content production collaboration with many well-known game producers, such as Gameloft, Tencent Games, NetEase Games, Kingsoft Season Game Studio, Perfect World, miHoYo, CMGE, Hero Entertainment, UMI Entertainment. Black Shark has built the foundations of a gaming eco-system, that aims to provide gamers with a more extreme gaming experience with game producers.

Black Shark announced the establishment of a joint gaming laboratory with Kingsoft Season Game Studio and has carried on the multi-scenes in-depth adaptation in Sword Net 3: Rivers and Lakes. Moreover, the two sides will also devote to future gaming technology exploration, striving to achieve more innovation and creativity in gaming production.

In addition, Black Shark also carries on in-depth cooperation with many gaming masterpieces this year. For example, for Ace Warrior, Black Shark will continue the optimization to guarantee the smooth performance in full frame rate.

For the racing games, Black Shark will continue the screen touch optimization for KartRider Rush Plus, to make sure the gamers can enjoy a moment of racing.

For Island Pioneers, owned by NetEase Games, Black Shark will pursue its vibration joint optimization, allowing gamers to feel deeply immersed in the battlefield.

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For the Suzerain of Snowhawk, owned by Tencent Games, gamers can automatically record the wonderful moments through the intelligent video recording function named Shark Time.

In addition to working together with game producers to create the ultimate gaming experience, Black Shark is also dedicated to connecting game developers with gamers. From online to offline, Black Shark bridges game developers and gamers, thus adhering to the gamer-oriented spirit and promoting the development of game ecology. For example, Black Shark and The Land of Redemption jointly invited gamers to participate in at the beginning of its R&D phase. Gamers shared and exchanged the idea of the role “Avengers in the deep sea · Black Shark”, which allowed game developers to better understand users’ preference in role creation.

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It is also worthy of mentioning that Black Shark has formed strategic cooperation with the world-leading mobile game producer Gameloft, by launching the world’s first Asphalt eSport Series presented by Black Shark, which covered the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India. The competition was launched in May of this year, and top players covering different countries and regions will play in the final at the Gamescom in Germany in August.

“We are delighted to open the first edition of the Asphalt esports Series with Black Shark. The advanced technology of the Black Shark 2 combined with Asphalt 9: Legends the benchmark for mobile racing game will bring the competition to the next level.” – Damien Marchi, VP Marketing and Communications at Gameloft.

In terms of price, the 12GB+128GB version of Black Shark 2 Pro sells for RMB2999 ($575 CAD) and the 12GB+256GB version sells for RMB3499 ($669). The first two models for sale will be Shadow Black and Iceberg Grey. The Black Shark 2 Pro will be available soon in overseas markets.

For more information, please visit the company’s global website:


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