7 Tools & Solutions To Save Businesses Time

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Intro to 7 Tools & Solutions To Save Businesses Time

According to research, the average employee wastes over 2 hours per 8 hours of the workday, excluding the time required for lunch and scheduled breaks. Yet, the study only focuses on idled minutes, which doesn't give the entire picture of time management in the workplace.

First of all, it is critical to remember that the human brain doesn't have the physical capacity to stay concentrated and productive for 8 hours during the day. We frequently need breaks to recharge our energy and mental focus levels. Yet, even when scheduled, taking a pause may not be sufficient to maximize productivity in the workplace. Indeed, even when your team is working, they could be committing time to a task that would be better suited to someone else, or they could be wasting time due to an ineffective working environment. In other words, businesses waste more time than they realize.

. No more distractions

Where in the workplace do distractions occur the most frequently? In the kitchen area? In the restrooms? In meeting rooms? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Distractions are more likely to occur when an employee sits at their desk and browses the Internet. Indeed, as many of us tend to work with multiple tabs open, it isn't uncommon to check social media feeds or other personal data while at work. Unfortunately, it is an unconscious action that can waste a lot of time without anybody noticing. So, it can be helpful to introduce a habit tracker to help employees become more aware of their digital activities. A note-taking app will also prevent last-minute private purchases or communication when someone remembers something they need to do outside of work.

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#2. No more second-guessing actual work time

Employees may cost the company more than they work. This could happen as a result of not having an accurate picture of their work hours. Therefore, it could be helpful to bring mobile time clocks to provide real-time labour data. It could be the opportunity to gain insight into overtime and task completion time by department or employee. You could identify understaffed teams or even teams that require more training to save time in the future. Additionally, it could ensure error-free payroll systems, as the business gets to understand preciseness work and no work time.

#3. No more disruptions

Disruptions are often unrelated to an employee's motivation to work. In the workplace, disruption tends to be caused by co-workers. Whether it is a colleague who speaks loudly on the phone or co-workers discussing a strategy in the same office, background noises can affect someone's ability to focus and get the job done. Providing solutions that protect people's concentration, such as offering noise-cancelling headphones with a microphone to every team member as standard equipment, can be a game-changer. Noise-cancelling headphones do not block all sound in the office, but they reduce its impact; When paired with a microphone, the headphones can also eliminate background sounds during calls.

. No more competing tasks

Task duplication is a waste of time and effort. Yet, failure to implement adequate task management solutions can lead to employees working on the same task without knowing it or someone struggling with a heavy workload while other people in the team don't have anything to do. Similarly, employees can also get confused when they are unsure which task should take priority. Effective task management strategies can make a huge difference to day-to-day productivity. Tools such as ClickUp ensure managers can track task progress and task assignment to reduce the risk of ineffective resource use.

. No more calls & emails

Email chains are a thing that belongs in the 1990s. Nowadays, employees do not have the time to read through long internal emails. They need rapid and effective access to information between co-workers. Teams that use chats as a collaborative communication channel can save a lot of time and hassle in day-to-day interactions. Chat messaging can be answered simultaneously, along with other tasks, unlike phone calls or emails, which often require someone's full attention.

#6. No more manual tasks

According to WorkMarket's 2020 In(Sight) Report, over half of employees believe they could save 240 hours every year through automation. Leaders believe they could save even more, up to 360 hours, through automation. So what's stopping businesses from automating manual tasks?

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#7. No more uncertainty

How does this tool work? How do I do x? Employees often face challenges when they need to perform something new or unusual on business tools. They need to ask co-workers or experts to solve their issues. Providing simple and practice video tutorials for them to follow could offer a unique answer to everyday queries. Additionally, it would put employees back in charge of their time and productivity.

Can businesses still reduce time waste in their processes and operations? The answer is yes. From inaccurate task management practices to lack of guidance, there are plenty of solutions to boost productivity at work.

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