6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

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Intro – 6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

It is 2021, and we have reached the next stage of the technological revolution. Think about how drastically mobile technology has advanced since the early 2000’s — imagine how much further it’s going to go in just six years? We are more connected than ever before, and with our new level of connectivity comes a plethora of technology that makes our lives easier. Here are a few examples of recent technological masterpieces that were released this year.

6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier
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Raise your tech aesthetic! – 6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Home speakers can seem bulky and non-aesthetic. But what if your speaker could blend into the walls of your home, or look like a window? Speakers are evolving from the large, bulky boxes we’ve come to know and into something else entirely. But what if they were see-through? The Swedish design studio called Transparent made speakers out of durable, recyclable materials – and the speakers are housed with tempered glass! The device is multifunctional; it can be used alone as a Bluetooth speaker or paired with a stereo sound system. You can also plug the speaker into existing audio equipment.

Improve your screen time – 6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

To promote healthy posture and reduce back and neck pain from being hunched over a screen, you can find an ergonomically friendly setup at obVus Solutions. The adjustable laptop stand brings your laptop to eye level at your workstation to maximize your comfort. Plus, it’s easily transportable if you need to dash between home and the office, but I won’t be going anywhere with my laptop stand because I love it so much!

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Be safe and efficient! – 6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Technology is all about renewable energy these days, and rightly so. This bicycle helmet has a rear red light, handy for when you’re cycling in the dark, and you charge it with any light, including solar power! Lay the helmet in the sun or on a windowsill during your day, and by nightfall, the red light will be ready to glow.

Envision the future – 6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

A telescope without an eyepiece is unheard of, right? Well, the Vespera telescope sends a live view to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, which means stargazing has never been easier. The telescope is easy to set up. You can view the stars from the comfort of your bed if you so desire. Curious about what you should be looking at; Point your telescope at any celestial body, and the associated app will direct the lens for you. The telescope has a four-hour battery life! So, you can watch the view live and take photos to later share with friends. FYI, Vespera goes on sale in 2022.

Tell more than the time? – 6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Smartwatches are not a new invention, but ScanWatch by Withings is changing the game. The unassuming and elegant analog clockface diverts from the more futuristic appearances of most smartwatches. Not only does 24/7 hearth monitoring provide you with an accurate and comforting assessment of your health, but the technology is also advanced. The medical-grade ECG and oximeter take continual readings to measure the health of your heart and respiratory system. With automatic activity detection, no run, walk, or swim (or any exercise for that matter) will go unnoticed.

Take hygiene to the next level! – 6 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Are you tired of your dentist saying you have bad oral health? Not to worry, the Oral B IO toothbrush has sensors inside that will track the brush’s movement as you clean your teeth and map out areas you have missed. It may be more than just an electric toothbrush, but with different modes (IE: sensitive gums or the ‘intense clean’).

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