Terrace: Samsung's first outdoor 4K QLED TV
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Terrace: Samsung’s first outdoor 4K QLED TV

Terrace: Samsung’s first outdoor 4K QLED TV

Samsung is always innovating, and today they’ve released their take on the outdoor SmartTV called Terrace! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy that afternoon Football match in the comfort of your own oasis.

These 4K QLED TVs aren’t for the faint of heart if you can cough up anywhere from $5000 to 9000 Canadian dollars. The new outdoor TVs are part of Samsung’s vision to bring more of our daily lives to the outside! Along with the new TV line, the company is also releasing an accompanying outdoor soundbar.

Featuring QLED 4K panels that are designed to increase visibility in an array of conditions, which includes broad daylight, all this thanks to the anti-reflection, adaptive picture technology that can determine the TV’s surroundings. The following line of TVs requires some nature proofing by ensuring water and dust resistance.

The Terrace TVs wouldn’t be complete without the availability of voice assistance from Bixby, Alexa and Google.

Canadian MSRP: 
  • 55” – $4,999.99 CAD
  • 65” – $6,999.99 CAD
  • 75” – $8,999.99 CAD
Canadian Availability – The Terrace
  • The Terrace will be available at select Canadian retailers beginning June 2020.
Canadian Availability – The Terrace Soundbar
  • The Terrace Soundbar will be $1199.99, available in August 2020.

Source: Samsung

Terrace: Samsung's first outdoor 4K QLED TV Terrace: Samsung's first outdoor 4K QLED TV

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