Quebec TAX Calculator & ADD Tip! It's CRAZY!
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Amazing [APP] Quebec TAX Calculator & ADD Tip! It’s CRAZY!

Quebec Tax Calculator App

We’ve got a “Quebec TAX Calculator & ADD Tip” app today, and this is quite interesting in itself as tax is calculated differently in Quebec. Quebec in itself is different in many regards, but for today let’s talk about the calculator app.

Intuitive design

Stylish, yet simple is the key to this app. Enter your purchased amount and hold and behold the tax is automatically calculated for you. While this is convenient, you optionally can also include the tip percentage.

You also have the possibility of doing the reverse. Knowing the cost, you can reverse this to get the actual tax value as well.

Didn’t I say it was simple? It’s free, and AD supported with one single banner at the bottom.

Download from the Google Play store
Quebec Sales Tax Calculator
Quebec Sales Tax Calculator

Quebec TAX Calculator & ADD Tip! It's CRAZY!You can head over to the Google Play store for Quebec TAX Calculator & ADD Tip!

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