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Nomad Launches New Charging Cables
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A reliable Nomad Universal USB-C Cable delivering 100W!

Multi-Talented USB-C cable

Are you looking for a multi-use cable? Look no further than the Nomad Universal USB-C Cable! When you can get a USB-C cable that can deliver 100W worth of power, it’s hard to look elsewhere.

Each cable features a new over-moulded alloy plug housing and transfer point. This oversized connection ensures more durability than other cables on the market.


All cables are engineered with industry-leading internal components for fast charging and data transfer. Each package features Kevlar badging to indicate a licensed partnership.

Every single cable is individually run through a quality control process to ensure it is performing above spec. You get a 5-year warranty. No compromise.

Nomad Launches New Charging Cables

Nomad Launches New Charging Cables

Now to get into the tech part of the cable that some may understand even more.

How much?

Nomad Universal USB-C cable

  • USB-C core cable capable of up to 100W charging speeds. One end features a USB-A adaptor the other Micro USB-A.
    • 0.3M – $24.95
    • 1.5M – $34.95
    • 3M – $39.95
Nomad provides more information

NOMAD has created a detailed blog post that provides in-depth information as to why they do what they do!

The collection of cables that can be found on the NOMAD website should suffice to provide anyone all the charging they need. The versatility of all the cables is what makes them stand out from the competition. It’s a very simple minimalistic approach in providing everything you need in a well crafted, durable package to simplify your gear.

Final thoughts?

I’m using their latest cables with a lot of different devices. I’ve got the UNIVERSAL USB-C which allows me to be completely flexible with charging the devices around me using the convenience of a USB-C wall power adapter. There’s a USB-C 100W cable that I’m using with the Huawei Matebook 13. The list of what I’m using the cables for is endless because it’s that versatile.

You can always find all the cables you need by NOMAD on their website. Please visit

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A Reliable Nomad Universal Usb-C Cable Delivering 100W! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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