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Enhance &Quot;Your&Quot; Battle Station
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Enhance “YOUR” Battle Station!

Enhance &Quot;Your&Quot; Battle Station!

Enhance “YOUR” Battle Station like never before! Well… Maybe not. There’s definitely some easy purchases you can make to bring this to a more functional space! All the changes I’ve made are pretty cheap and won’t break the bank! Want to know more? You’ll just have to keep reading.

Enhance &Quot;Your&Quot; Battle Station!

Gone are the days of old clunky tube monitors. LCD and LED monitors have made way into everything. With a giant LED monitor it’s high time that we ditch the monitor stand in favour of a monitor arm which will liberate room on the desk.

I got a Duronic DM251X3 PC Monitor Arm which says it can take up to a 27″ monitor but I can safely say that this 32-inch curved screen fits quite well. The arm can handle 17.6 lbs. With the weight of today’s monitors, I’m not even worried. Amazon Canada offers this specific arm for $19.99 CAD.

Not that long ago I saw some guys with these large mouse pad that offered space for the keyboard, mouse and other items on their desk. Most of them were sponsored by some major brands like Steelseries or Corsairs etc.

Looking at what’s on Amazon I found an unknown brand to me by the name of KLIM Supremacy – Extra Large RGB Mouse Pad. It offers a large surface that provides more than enough room to house all the gamer gear you may have. One of the main interests was that it offered an RGB selection which compliments what I’m going for “RAINBOW MAYHEM”. Guess what? Amazon Canada has is for $19.90.

Got a headset? How about hanging it instead of just leaving it on the desk? There’s a few options. You could get a stand or you could hang it from under the desk? I’m hanging it under the desk with JOTO Silicone Under Desk Dual Headset Holder Mount. It’s such a small item but it makes a world of difference when you have it. Priced at $10.99 on Amazon Canada, what a steal!

Time to hit the cable management and the cheapest way I’ve figured how to do it with an open desk is with some Self-Adhesive Wire Holder that I can stick right under the desk to manage the cables effortless. Line those suckers up and clip your wires into place. Simple method and quite effective. Got those things for $14.95 on Amazon Canada.

Those 4 items make the world of difference when I’m in my own little world. Every little thing helps. It just a matter of figuring out what will benefit you the most when changing things around.

Enhance &Quot;Your&Quot; Battle Station

Enhance &Quot;Your&Quot; Battle Station! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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