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Tip Sheet you never knew you needed for that Mobile Makeover

Tip Sheet You Never Knew You Needed For That Mobile Makeover

Our friends over at The Mobile Shop wanted to pass along some information for the everyday smartphone user. Something that will help keep organized, up to date on the latest smartphone insight and much more. They’ve come up with a tip sheet with some of the best practices out there!

Tip Sheet You Never Knew You Needed For That Mobile Makeover

The great thing about this tip sheet is, it applies whether you’re a Storage Squanderer (getting that “storage capacity is full” message) or a Phone Buster (own a phone with a cracked screen).

Over this past year, there’s been lots of buzz around smartphone “tips, tricks, hacks” and trends take over on how-to keep things buzzing. With more and more people using their mobile phones for things like banking, work and transportation, it’s increasingly important to make sure we’re using them efficiently.

The Mobile Shop’s
Mobile Makeover Tip Sheet

Mobile phones can be amazing tools for managing our lives, but sometimes our mobile habits make things tougher instead of easier. If you’ve ever walked around town in search of a wifi signal, or spent a few minutes trying to find a time-saving app on your phone, it’s probably time for a mobile makeover. At The Mobile Shop, Mobilists have come together to identify their top 5 mobile personalities, with tailored tips to help them tidy their tech and make the most of their mobile phones again.

Take a quick look at the infographic right here:

The Mobile Shop - Mobile Makeover Tip Sheet

The Mobile Shop, which is an all-in-one shop where customers can evaluate all mobile phones, plans and providers at once so that you can choose the perfect one. The Mobile Shop is a member of the Loblaw family and has 183 locations Canada-wide, and can be an easy stop-over for your mobile phone needs whenever you go grocery shopping.


Tip Sheet You Never Knew You Needed For That Mobile Makeover - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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