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[Review] Nomad Wireless Base Station Apple Watch Edition

Have you started to make use of wireless charging? Is this something you’ve looked into? Is your device capable of charging wirelessly? These questions are recurring now that several mid-range and flagship smartphones have the capability.

Review Nomad Wireless Base Station Apple Watch Edition

My review of the Nomad Wireless Base Station Apple Watch Edition will showcase exactly what Nomad envisions as a multi-wireless charging solution. There’s no one perfect solution for everyone. What I might like, isn’t what someone else will. Nomad strives to bring unique and urban chic mobile accessories to its consumer base and I think they’ve done a great job with this one.

Nomad Base Station review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa

Although this indicates “Apple” this is base on QI charging technology which means Android devices can charge just as well.

This sleek leather design and the durable plastic material provides a premium look and feel. The aesthetics and design are quite polished.

The Base station includes the Integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch Charger while the pad offers 3 Qi-certified coils at 7.5W wireless charging each. Padded leather wireless charging surface offers that luxury that many look for. The LED charging indicator adapts to the light and dims the LEDs at night.

Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition Android News Martin All BytesIn this demonstration, I’m charging a Sony Xperia XZ2 from 10% to 100% this takes on average 2hours to charge. On average the Pixel 3 XL takes about the same amount of time to charge. This is a nice way to top up while not using your device and it avoids using the typical charging cables.

Yes, I would recommend this solution for charging your smartphones in your own home. This solution is on sale on the Nomad website for $119.95. Unfortunately for us Canadians, this might be an expansive solution, but I have no doubt you will find people who will want to have this. Visit the Nomad website to purchase your very own Nomad Wireless Base Station Apple Watch Edition!

It is as easy as it sounds! If you happen to be someone with a modern flair, a je ne sais quoi in terms of urban chic to add to your decor without it looking funny, you may want to consider this. I am curious to see what else Nomad will be releasing over the coming year.

Nomad Base Station review Android News All Bytes Nomad Base Station review Android News All Bytes“The charging time is pretty standard among the devices and it’s a great way to top up if you aren’t going to be plugged in for a while.” – Martin Guay from Android News & All the Bytes

What do you think? Is this something you’d make use of in your own home? or are you the DIY type? Maybe you’re the kind of person that looks for the same type of tech but on a cheaper scale? Why not leave me with a comment below and let’s talk about what you think! [Review] Nomad Wireless Base Station Apple Watch Edition

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