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Nommi Personal Router Debuts World’s First Intelligent router

Nommi Debuts World’s First Intelligent Personal Router For  Digital Nomads


Telecom experts release a stylish gadget with eSim, simple data plan and smart software allowing seamless internet connection globally


Almaty, Kazakhstan – December 5th, 2017 – Today, Nommi released the world’s first intelligent personal router for digital nomads. Using never-before-seen approach to optimize wireless space, Nommi allows everyone to stay connected without any manual manipulation, be it switching sim-cards when abroad or choosing proper wi-fi network from the list. As the only truly smart network technology ever harnessed into a minimalist, affordable and user-centric device, Nommi is a must-have gadget for global travellers and digital nomads.

The most significant update in “smart” routers has been a focus on simplifying data plans. This is not even scratching the surface of possible UX optimization in the context of network and getting various devices connected. This is the case as current players look at their area of expertise only: device manufacturers at devices, telecom providers, at networks, and software manufacturers, at apps. And final solutions just don’t stick together when delivered to the end user. Nommi Personal Router

“Despite connectivity being essential in today’s world, we still get lost in data plans, wait in lines to get sim-cards abroad, overpay for roaming, choose wi-fi networks manually and lose our time in various other ways in order to get connected,” said Alyona Tkachenko, CEO and co-founder of Nommi.

The Nommi router provides improved connectivity for the lifestyle of a digital nomad or frequent traveller. It enables increased reliability of networks, wider coverage and lower data costs.

Here’s how it works:

  • eSim solution will keep you online without a need to buy a local SIM in every country you visit or use an expensive data roaming
  • Smart network based on advanced hardware and firmware combination and includes algorithms to enable switching, extending, sharing and making secured your connection
  • Simple data plan focused on making Nommi service transparent and free users’ time for the things that matter, rather than doing checks on Terms & Conditions

Nommi Personal Router

Nommi is an out-of-the-box solution. The end user only needs to download the Nommi app, choose a data plan and connect a smartphone, laptop or any other device to the router.

Nommi was founded by Kairat Akhmetov, a telecom expert with 10+ years of experience and gold medalist of prestigious Asia Physics Olympiad and Alyona Tkachenko, a behavioural-economist-turned-to-engineering specialist with a corporate background. After 2 years of research and tests of already available on the market routers, Nommi team developed such a hardware and software combination that focuses on complete user journey, instead of improving just a part of it.

“Can networks be smart? That was the core questions we asked ourselves when working on Nommi. The hard part was figuring out how to make switching between cellular and wifi stacks that normally operate independently,” – adds Kairat Akhmetov, Nommi’s CTO and co-founder. “We also managed to solve a very intricate problem of merging both device context, network context and user context, to develop the firmware and software algorithms”. Nommi Personal Router

To reserve your Nommi today, visit – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nommi-4g-hotspot-with-unlimited-wi-fi-worldwide. The first 1000 signups will receive a 50 % discount and would be able to purchase Nommi Slim at $60 and Nommi Power (version with power bank added) at $75. Retail value would be $120 and $140 respectively. Shipping is planned in June 2018.

Nommi Personal Router


Nommi SlimNommi PowerGlocal Me U2Skyroam SolisKarma GoHuawei  E5771
Intelligent connection selectionYESNONONONO
Dual Wi-Fi (repeater and extender)YESNONONOYES
Secured private and guest wifi networksYESNONOYES (as paid add-on)NO
Crowdsourced wi-fi password databaseYESNONONONO
Virtual sim (eSim)YESYESYESNOYES
# of countries covered via virtual sim100+100+100+N/A100+
Data plans types
  • pay as you go
  • data bundles
  • global data plan with free roaming
  • bring your own sim
  • pay as you go
  • data bundles
  • bring your own sim
  • pay as you go
  • data bundles
  • pay as you go
  • monthly US data plan
  • data bundles
  • bring your own sim
Daily travel packages price (500MB/1GB), 4G qualityU.K – 3.90$, 6.65$

France – 3.90$, 6.65$

USA – 3.90$, 6.65$

China & HK – 2.90$, 4.90$

U.K – 4,76$, 8,38$

France – 6$, 12$

USA – 7.2$, 14,36$

Hong Kong – 4,76$, 8,38$

unlimited global wifi(8$/day)

*only 500mb on 4G, after unlimited on 2.5G

N/AU.K – 5$, 9$

France – 5$, 9$

USA – 5$, 9$

Hong Kong – 4$, 7$

Hardware sim slotYESYESNONOYES
Mobile app features
  • best wifi locator
  • crowdsourcing of wifi passwords
  • buy data packages
  • data usage history
  • buy data packages
  • data usage history


  • buy data packages
  • data usage history


  • buy data packages
  • data usage history


  • buy data packages
  • data usage history


Battery size, mAh3500100003500600015009600
Wireless chargerNOYESNONONONO
Max connected devices5855810
Retail Price120$140$140$150$$200159$


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