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Google YouTube smartphone? Wait, what? This is interesting!

Google YouTube smartphone? Wait, what? It would seem that Google might just be wondering if people are ready for a YouTube only smartphone. A UK based survey company is doing just that for Google. Google seems to be wondering if this is something that consumers would be interested in. The software and hardware experience would be built around the video platform.

Google YouTube smartphone

The survey that popped up shares a few details of interest about this “hypothetical” YouTube Edition smartphone with features likes the YouTwist. This would allow a user to access a gride of videos when you’d rotate your smartphone to a landscape position. There’s also something named YouCapture which is a button that allows you to easily access the capturing video mode for YouTube. We’re also seeing that it would work with “Creator Connect” which is similar to the Instagram Stories but for your YouTube accounts. Additionally to that, the famous lock screen, it would have a live video that you can easily access by tapping on it. Google YouTube smartphone

Now the interesting part to this survey is that the details of the hardware specifications we’re shared, leading many to believe that it’s not a farfetched idea and that some behind the scene thinking was done on the subject. You’d be looking at a 6-inch screen which would offer an 18:9 ratio at a 2160×1080 resolution powered by an unnamed processor at a clock rate of 2.2GHz. If we look at device RAM specifics we are looking at 4GB and then there’s storage running with 32GB or 64GB, now I’m not sure why we aren’t seeing 64/128, but I’m assuming it’s to keep the cost down and the device in the hands of as many people as possible,

The device would feature a dual rear camera system running with a 12MP and a 5MP. Personally, I would of rather see a 12MP camera on the front, but we would have to settle for the 8MP being proposed. I do like that we’re going to be given dual Dolby atmos stereo speakers and that the famous fingerprint sensor won’t be missing from this device. Some colour options are also listed, Black, White or Red (really?)…

The price range is currently estimated to be between $360 to $400 USD.

Remember earlier in this post, I mentioned this was only a “SURVEY“, don’t get your hopes up if this never happens. You never know with Google…

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