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EarStudio turns wired headphones into wireless Bluetooth audio to delivers 24-bit studio-quality sound

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EarStudio from Radsone, the first Bluetooth audio receiver delivering 24bit studio-quality sound. EarStudio reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $20K in less than three days this past weekend as consumers snatched up early-bird pricing at $49.

We’ve been seeing an increasing demand in the marketplace for high-end sound quality. While you can achieve some of it with better headphones units, this isn’t always affordable for everyone. The big breakthrough lately is with EarStudio from Radsone which is built on the Qualcomm aptX HD codec. This enables is to transmit 48kHZ/24bit audio via Bluetooth, making this the ideal setup for smartphone users that lack an audio jack. Some audiophiles might even consider this as it can replicate the high-quality sound they get from a typically wired headset. EarStudio takes this a bit further by taking any music streaming services and up-convert to 24bit studio-quality.


EarStudio delivers advanced audio via its patented  Distinctive Clear Technology (DCT) that eliminates the subtle digital noise inherent in all digital sounds. DCT improves the masking curve associated with audio signals to eliminate quantization errors virtually. This technology is patented including USA and Japan, and it has been applied to millions of top-notch products of major brands such as Audio-Technica, LG, and Astell&Kern.


EarStudio reached it goal on kickstarter funding!