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The acclaimed Email by EasilyDo for iOS arrives to the Google Play store

This is by far one of the best email clients that’s been seen on the iOS ecosystem and it so happens to have just been released on Android. While we have plenty of choices when it comes to email applications on our device EasilyDo claim to fame is it’s lightning fast (See what I did there?), secure and an easy unsubscribe from junk mail that we all receive throughout the week.


Best one to date is the ability to unsubscribe directly from the email:

Email by EasilyDo unsubscribe cryovex header Email by EasilyDo unsubscribe cryovex header

Instead of trying to redefine what an email app is, Email by EasilyDo is just about making it better and improving upon what already makes sense. The design keeps it fresh, easy and accessible, no need to make this complicated. Keeping key info organised, seeing all your attachments, bills & receipts, entertainment in one place. Never miss important information with the built-in assistant.

List of features found in Email by EasilyDo :

  • Unsubscribe with One Tap
  • Real-Time Travel Notifications
  • Package Tracking with Proactive Notifications
  • Search Built for Mobile Mail
  • Undo Send, Delete and Other Actions
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Interactive push notification, customizable swipes & notifications, drafts
  • Swipe to view the next email
  • Notifications option for only important messages
  • Customise the badge number
  • Customise navigation upon archiving a message
  • Bulk editing
  • Unified inbox
  • Respond “within” the notification
  • HTML rich composer
  • Inline images
  • Real-time sync progress indicators
  • Detect and communicate poor network conditions
  • Send attachments from Google Drive and more
  • Always bcc option
  • Respond to calendar events with a tap

EasilyDo currently supports Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Office/Outlook 365, and AOL, IMAP mail accounts. Support for Exchange will be coming soon! I’m really hoping to see the support for Exchange sooner rather than later, however, with more and more businesses moving over to the Office 365 portfolio, knowing that it’s already supported is a BIG +.

Let’s take a look at some of the slides from the application.

Email by EasilyDo pic 1 cryovex Email by EasilyDo pic 2 cryovex
Email by EasilyDo pic 4 cryovex
Email by EasilyDo pic 5 cryovex

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