Need some quick juice in the car? RND Dual Type-C and USB-A 2
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Need some quick juice in the car? RND Dual Type-C and USB-A

It’s all about RND accessories this week! A lot of us take the car for everything and anything, and often enough we need to top up. RND brings you the car charger that offers a Type-C connection as well as a USB-A port. Some cars have a USB-A by default, but the truth is, that won’t always cut it.

Need some quick juice in the car? RND Dual Type-C and USB-A 11

Everyone knows how a car charger works and to keep this simple here’s what you get with this dual port; Port 1 is a USB (compatible with Android Apple Windows Etc): 5V/ 1A  & Port 2 is a USB-C (compatible with all Type C devices): 5V/ 3A. For the most part, this will provide everyone with a smartphone the needed top up while driving.

RND is also known to keeping their customer safe and they will assure you that the device is designed with advanced technology to provide overcurrent, overheating, over-voltage and short-circuit protection.

Coming in at $12.99 USD you’d be crazy to pass on this if you don’t already own one. There’s a coupon code that’s been made available: AndroidC. Interested? Visit the website here.

I always keep mine with me, half the time when I travel I spend it in a vehicle and this keeps me right where I need when I’m on the road. The upside is that someone else can also hook into and get some juice.


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