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Rii K100 3-LED Gaming keyboard is cross between mechanical and membrane

Next item to land on my lap while I was browsing Amazon Canada for an assortment of gadgets and goodies was this keyboard from Real Internet Idea. The K100 is a 3-LED Gaming semi-mechanical/membrane keyboard that features a really nice response time. The keys don’t require you to press a lot to get some effectiveness out of them. The 3 LED colours can either rotate or you can simply enable the colour that works the best for you. You have a choice between red, blue and purple. This is all came about as I’m working on a $600 or less gaming PC and I wanted to see how far my money would take me on this journey.

This is a standard 104 Keys keyboard with multiple function key combination. It does have a mechanical feel to it which can be used at home or in an office environment. It does give some flair to my cubicle! As mentioned about you have 3 colour LED pulse system that alternates between red, blue and purple.

The keys are laser etched and will travel 3.6mm. There’s a built-in sleep mode of inactivity after 10 minutes. However, I haven’t seen this part key in. With this being a LED keyboard, I can’t see it using a lot of power neither.

Over the course of the week, I’ve been using this in the office for various task and it performs flawlessly. I do however which that the colour choices would span across the entire RGB spectrum and offer a few choices for patterns. The bottom of the keys should have been transparent rather than white, this would have given the keyboard a better “wow” factor.

Coming in at $35.99 on Amazon Canada the Rii K100 3-LED Colors wired Mechanical-feeling KeyboardRii K100 3-LED Gaming keyboard is cross between mechanical and membrane - Android News & All the Bytes has free shipping, it’s a no-brainer, to say the least.


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