Viture Pro XR Glasses: Transforming How We Experience Entertainment

Unleash Immersive Virtual Worlds with Viture's Cutting-Edge Augmented Reality Glasses

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Blazing a trail in personal computing, the Viture Pro XR Glasses dazzle with augmented reality (AR) prowess. These high-tech spectacles fuse virtual and actual worlds, revolutionizing work, play, and content consumption on a colossal scale.

Viture Pro XR Glasses: Specs Unveiled

The Viture Pro XR/AR Glasses let you access a 135-inch display in an ultra-compact form.

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Under the hood, the Viture Pro packs impressive hardware to deliver its breathtaking AR capabilities. Here's a breakdown of the key specifications:


  • Sony Micro-OLED technology
  • 135-inch virtual screen size
  • 1080p resolution
  • Up to 1000 nits of perceived brightness
  • 120Hz refresh rate for fluid visuals
  • Adjustable for myopia/nearsightedness


  • Dual speakers tuned by audio experts Harman
  • Private listening with minimal audio bleed


  • Dimensions (when open): 5.8 x 6.8 x 1.9 inches
  • Lightweight at just 2.8 ounces
  • Stylish sunglasses-inspired look
  • Soft-touch finish for comfort
  • Magnetically-attached cable for easy disconnect

With this cutting-edge display technology, immersive audio, and a sleek, ergonomic design, the Viture Pro XR Glasses aim to deliver a truly captivating augmented reality experience. The high refresh rate, vibrant colours, and crisp resolution transport you into virtual worlds with remarkable realism.

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Moreover, the adjustable lenses cater to those with vision needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy the spectacle. And thanks to the compact, lightweight build, you can wear these AR glasses for extended periods without fatigue or discomfort.

While the dual speakers may lack the oomph for a fully immersive audio experience, the ability to privately tune in without disturbing others is a thoughtful touch for public use. Overall, the Viture Pro's hardware specifications position it as a powerhouse in the nascent AR glasses market.

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Sleek Style, Lightweight Comfort

At a glance, the Viture Pro exudes modern flair, mimicking stylish shades. Featherlight yet sturdy, they hug the face with cozy, adjustable nose pads. Immerse in virtual wonderlands for hours sans strain or fatigue. The soft-touch finish and magnetic cable attachment amplify comfort.

A Mammoth 135-Inch Virtual Screen

Prepare to be awestruck! Powered by Sony's micro-OLED splendour, these glasses flaunt a stupendous 135-inch virtual display. With 1080p crispness, 120Hz buttery smoothness, and 1000 nits of radiant gleam, vivid colours and fluid motion galvanize gaming, streaming, and multitasking. Customizable myopia adjustment dials tailor the experience.

Gaming and Video Nirvana

Gamers and movie buffs, rejoice! Connect smartphones, laptops, tablets – even the Nintendo Switch via the Mobile Dock accessory. Relish Triple-A games and cinema blockbusters on a towering 135-inch canvas from anywhere. No more craning necks over tiny screens!

The incredible 120Hz refresh rate obliterates motion blur and lag, immersing you in silky combat or heart-pounding race sequences. While the 50-degree field of view may seem limiting, it rarely disrupts the virtual grandeur.

Sleek augmented reality glasses presenting a massive virtual display


Nomadic Productivity Unlocked

But these AR wonders transcend entertainment, boosting productivity too. The SpaceWalker app conjures multi-screen setups, virtually multiplying the workspace. Summon dual displays, ultra-wides, or even triple vertical arrays to optimize workflows.

Digital nomads and wanderers, upgrade cramped laptop screens. Now, spreadsheets bloom across expansive virtual monitors. Juggle documents, browsers and apps seamlessly, untethered by physical constraints. Plug-and-play simplicity ushers new productivity frontiers.

Pricing and Options

While pricey at $549 for the glasses alone, the full accessorized suite exceeds $700. However, Viture understands budgets, offering the Viture One and Viture Lites for cost-conscious AR dabblers.

Frequent travellers seeking the premier AR experience may find the splurge worthwhile. However casual users can begin their journey through more affordable entry points.

The Future Awaits

The Viture Pro signposts personal computing's exhilarating frontier. As AR/VR technology soars, envision holographic offices melding physical spaces or virtual time-traveling lessons. Boundless possibilities unfurl.

Imagine peering through these spectacles at ancient Rome, experiencing history with uncanny realism. Or collaborate in 3D virtual conference rooms with colleagues worldwide. The spatial computing revolution has only just begun.

Viture spearheads this revolution, crafting portals into previously unimagined realms of work and leisure. As demands for mobile versatility skyrocket, expect more marvels like these AR glasses obliterating limitations.

The Verdict

Flaws aside, the Viture Pro XR Glasses are a wonder, granting a tantalizing peek into computing's future. For the ultimate portable, immersive experience, these spectacles are a wise investment for avid travellers and tech enthusiasts.

While the audio quality lags and costs soar with accessories, these remain trivial gripes. Viture has cracked the code for convenient, high-fidelity virtual displays. As technology gallops forth, even greater marvels will manifest in this electrifying AR/VR arena.

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