Dead by Daylight’s New Dungeons & Dragons Chapter: Killer Vecna Materializes

Nightmares Intersect Enchanted Realms in Dead by Daylight

Martin Guay
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Nightmares Intersect Enchanted Realms in Dead by Daylight

The macabre universe of Dead by Daylight converges with hallowed Dungeons & Dragons lore as Chapter 32 manifests…

The Crossover Event Unleashed

Dead by Daylight Chapter 32 was released on June 3rd. The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game is crossing over with Dungeons and Dragons as part of its latest Chapter. Chapter 32 marks the start of Dead by Daylight's Year 9 roadmap, which stretches out to April 2025.

This seminal crossover inaugurates Year 9's roadmap, unleashing an enthralling amalgamation of horror and high fantasy upon PC, console, and portable gaming thresholds. Fans brace for an unholy union of genres that redefines the boundaries of both realms.

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  1. New Killer: Vecna, The Lich
  2. New Survivors: elf bard Aestri Yazar and human bard Baermar Uraz
  3. New Map: Forgotten Ruins

The Lich Vecna Conjures Eldritch Anguish

Embodying the malevolent epicenter, Vecna, the mythical Lich from Dungeons & Dragons annals, materializes as a formidable new Killer. Voiced by Critical Role's famed Matt Mercer, this necromantic entity wields abilities inspired by D&D's quintessential arcane disciplines. Vecna's intricately rendered form bears the unmistakable hallmarks of the iconic necromancer.

With ethereal wings unfurling, Vecna soars menacingly, swiftly bridging distances to descend upon hapless prey. His Dispelling Sphere emanates an undetectable area-of-effect augury, divining life essences with insidious precision. The insidious Mage Hand manipulates obstacles, imprinting glyphs to impede egress or forcibly raising inert barricades as impromptu snares.

Yet Vecna's truest dread coalesces as Flight of the Damned – a swarm of five spectral monstrosities manifesting in a withering cone of desolation. This nightmarish ability sears flesh from bone, decimating any survivor unfortunate enough to cross its path.

Wandering Bards Weave Hope's Melodies

Resilience arises through new Survivors plucked from the Forgotten Realms – elf bard Aestri Yazar and her human counterpart Baermar Uraz. Torn from the tapestry of high fantasy adventures, these wandering minstrels bring their own magical talents to the fray. With abilities like Still Sight unveiling the Killer's aura alongside nearby resources, and Bardic Inspiration magnifying skill checks via D&D's fabled die rolls, they channel heroic enchantments in defiance of Vecna's reign of terror.

Their crowning Mirrored Illusion spell casts deceptive echoes of objectives, misdirecting the Lich's relentless pursuit. This ability proves crucial in sowing confusion and buying precious time to evade Vecna's wrath or complete objectives vital to escape.

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The Forgotten Ruins Beckon

To forge this interdimensional clash, players tread the Forgotten Ruins – a newly manifested hunting realm where remnants of ancient Order and Chaos languish in decaying grandeur. These crumbling catacombs were once sacred ground for arduous rituals and metaphysical ceremonies. Now, they await fresh anguish to reanimate their ossified bones and witness new horrific acts play out across their time-weathered masonry.

Behavior Interactive's genre-transcending crossover births Dead by Daylight's darkest verses, enwreathed in the high fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons. Brace to delve forgotten abysses of horror as Chapter 32's ominous incantations resound across this unhallowed crucible of nightmares and sorcery.

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