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I’ve got some RND accessories up for recommendation check it out!

Martin Guay
I’ve got some RND accessories up for recommendation check it out! This comes straight from RND Accessories and it covers their USB-A to Type-C 6ft cable and the Fast Charge wireless charger for Samsung devices and or another device capable of wireless charging! While you’re...
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New line of accessories from RND should be making some of you smile!

Martin Guay
Right out RND we’ve got some accessories for you that I’ll be talking about over the next few weeks. Car chargers, wireless charging dock, new USB-C single port travel charger and a 4 USB port smart charger that includes USB-C! The new year usually brings...
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Charging dock with RND Type-C to Type-C = Fast Charging!

Martin Guay
With a large selection of smartphone going to USB-C is not a surprise that some of us are looking at replacing our current microUSB desktop dock with a Type-C desktop charging solution. Here in Canada, it hasn’t been as easy to find such solution, however,...
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20% off RND USB-C to USB-C Charging Dock for Android Coliseum fans!

Martin Guay
RND Accessories has just released their USB-C to USB-C charging dock that will deliver fast charging capability for your smartphone! Just a few months ago I reviewed their USB-A to USB-C charging dock and was quite pleased. Fast forward today, and they’ve just announced it...
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RND Desktop charging station for USB-C devices

Martin Guay
RND Desktop charging station for USB-C devices will power up any USB-C as per specification. I was able to get more information about the RND dock and I got a confirmation that their current Nexus 6P dock does have the proper 56kOhm for legacy USB-C...
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