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PNY Duo Link USB Flash Drive Review: The Handy Drive for Phones and PCs

4 out of 5The PNY Duo Link dual connector USB flash drive provides a convenient way to transfer files between mobile devices and computers. With fast read speeds and generous 128GB storage, it's ideal for sharing photos, videos, music and more across gadgets. A must-have accessory for seamless file management on the go.

With both USB-C and USB-A connectors, the PNY Duo Link flash drive…

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The PNY Elite-X Type-C USB 3.2 128GB Flash Drive – The Future of Portable Storage

4.5 out of 5Elite-X: Fast, reversible, and durable USB-C storage. 128GB at $15. Your portable solution for quick, reliable file transfers on the go!

The 128GB PNY Elite-X Type-C flash drive provides fast, portable USB-C storage.…

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