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Future proof your charging needs with Aukey’s USB-A & USB-C charging station

Martin Guay
Let’s face it, USB-C isn’t going anywhere and more devices will start creeping up all over the place with this standard. Might be time to think about getting yourself a future proof charging and having it backwards compatible? Benson the Google engineer, notes that this...
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A charging station with a flare is what the Zentree is all about

Martin Guay
GELID Solution brings us another  sensation with the Zentree! If you have a need to charge multiple devices in your house, you may want to think about investing into a charging solution such as this. Earlier on, I’ve written a review about Fourza and it’s been...
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OneAdaptr brings you TWIST the world traveller charging station

Martin Guay
OneAdaptr brings you TWIST the world traveller charging station you’ll ever need and it’s really hard not to agree with them when they list more than 150 different countries where you can use this device. The 3 in 1 options is the most versatile of...
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RND Desktop charging station for USB-C devices

Martin Guay
RND Desktop charging station for USB-C devices will power up any USB-C as per specification. I was able to get more information about the RND dock and I got a confirmation that their current Nexus 6P dock does have the proper 56kOhm for legacy USB-C...
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