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Are metal glass smartphone better than plastic or ceramic?

Martin Guay
Are metal glass smartphone better than plastic or ceramic? Joe over at Android Central has an interesting topic “Is metal really a better material than plastic on a phone?”. While I’m sure plenty of you will say “yes”, let’s explore this phenomenon of metal uni-body design....
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DOZE faster and get longer life from a single charge Naptime Android App

Martin Guay
Put your smartphone in DOZE faster and get longer life from a single charge Naptime Android App. This is exactly what Naptime from Francisco Franko is doing, this little app is simple but triggers the DOZE function from your Android OS as soon as possible...
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AndroidTO Developer Conference 2017 was a SUCCESS!

Martin Guay
It was AndroidTO Developer Conference on Wednesday the 20th and it was a major success! It wouldn’t be such a fantastic event without awesome sponsors such as GDC, TD, Symbility Intersect, the MaRS team and GM! As I gaze over the event area from high...
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Aqua Mail Android is a versatile full featured email client | Review

Martin Guay
We all use emails at varying degree and it remains one of the main methods of communication at work for a major part of the workforce. Aqua Mail is one of those email clients that’s been around the block and on the Google Play Store...
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CRTC indicated that all smartphones have to be unlocked/sold unlocked starting December 1st 2017

Martin Guay
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication of Canada as of June 15th indicated in a remarkable move that all smartphone will need to be sold unlocked starting December 1st, 2017, this also means that currently locked smartphones coming December 1st can be unlocked at no cost...
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USB and Type C with 3 AC Outlets from RND made for the office!

Martin Guay
Whether this is for home or the office, I think that wall outlets should now come default with USB and USB Type-C supporting all standards. More and more devices are going the way of the USB or Type-C charging mode. RND offers the right idea...
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