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Android is known for its powerful, customizing abilities. One app from the Play store, often called Launchers, can change your whole UI and design in just a few clicks. Changing your phone’s operating system style is as easy as a few taps. Home screen, keyboard, icons, menu – no matter what you need, there’s a theme for you. The best part about these themes is that they can be accessed in just one app, which means less scrolling and better customization. One of the best benefits is that you can choose the look of your mobile device.

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dBrand RingKe skin case combo creating a unique distinguishable effect!

Martin Guay
dBrand RingKe Skin Case Combo Our gadgets tend to define who we are in some manner. We have phone cases, accessories & skins that help define them as much as we define ourselves. When you look at what’s available, many go for what’s already available...
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Fosmon tempered GLASS is seriously slick and very nice to look at!

Martin Guay
It’s Fosmon tempered glass for the Nexus 6P, however, Fosmon offers other tempered glass solution for many smartphone devices. They come highly rated among some of the “BEST” options available for the price. Coming under $10 CAD on Amazon Canada, this is a steal! Fosmon...
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Have you thought about theming your android device to give it some flair?

Martin Guay
Have you thought about theming your android device to give it some flair? I’m sure you’ve thought about at one point or another and it’s time to take this into your hands and give your android device a facelift. I’ve created this android theme with various...
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