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Revisiting Huawei P30 Pro - Amber Sunrise

Revisiting Huawei’s P30 Pro – Amber Sunrise – 5 months later!

Revisiting Huawei'S P30 Pro - Amber Sunrise - 5 Months Later!
For the ones wondering what’s going on, I’m revisiting Huawei’s P30 Pro – Amber Sunrise – 5 months later! Even with all the latest and greatest devices that cam after the P30 series, this device is still at the top of its game. On September 19th, 2019, Huawei is poised to announce the Mate 30 series of smartphones!

Revisiting Huawei'S P30 Pro - Amber Sunrise - 5 Months Later!

You can check out the original review I did here:

Let’s take a dive into the pro’s and con’s I originally listed and see if I feel the same about them.

  • Camera very versatile due to multiple Leica lenses
  • Leading daylight and low-light camera performance
  • The Zoom capability is CRAZY
  • It charges so fast and lasts for ages
  • Stunning colour options and trendy design, water-resistance
  • Excellent AMOLED screen with a tiny notch
  • Fastest under-display fingerprint reader
  • No 3.5mm audio jack
  • No 4K at 60fps video capture with OIS
  • No stereo speakers
  • The selfie camera is fixed-focus
  • NM memory cards are still far from mainstream
  • The device is very slippery on it own, consider a TPU clear case

Alright, let’s take a dive into this mess!

To this day the camera on the P30 series smartphone is still leading in terms of picture quality. I’m not saying it’s the best or that another smartphone is the best. It’s definitely leading and pushing others to innovate and get better at it.

The zoom ability is still pretty crazy. Who would have imagined that in 2019 we would be able to just zoom in on that license plate screaming across the intersection after a hit and run?

Charging this beast is still impressive. The battery can last a very long time. Averaging about 50% of usage by the end of the day starting 6 am to 4 pm.

Huawei has released several different colours for their devices. This is the Amber Sunrise edition! This device is still dust and water-resistant in all the right places.

The display is by far a stunning piece of work to enjoy media content on.

Is it still the best under-display fingerprint sensor? I’m not sure about that anymore.

The lack of a 3.5mm jack is something of the past, however, we are seeing a resurgence of the analog favourite of many in midrange tier devices.

The lack of dual stereo speaker on the smartphone still annoys me very much.

This device is still a slippery little bugger.

I’m still enjoying my experience with the P30 Pro and the vibrant Amber Sunrise is stunning in daylight. Even 5 months after with it and I’m still in love. You can literally throw anything at it. It won’t skip a beat while you delve into your favourite game or YouTube channel.

Let’s face it, you’re here for the photography this device can achieve. Much like any camera, we point and shoot. The greatness of the P30 Pro is taking your time and composing your shots. You will get some exquisite shots worthy of a studio.

Revisiting Huawei P30 Pro - Amber Sunrise Revisiting Huawei P30 Pro - Amber Sunrise

Revisiting Huawei'S P30 Pro - Amber Sunrise - 5 Months Later! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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