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Gelid Radiant-D Rear Fan Rgb Led Review
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Case fan RADIANT-D a GELID Solutions: Review


There’s quite a bit of choice on the market when it comes to case fans for your desktop pc. Finding the right combination is not easy and often requires research. I’m here with GELIDSolutions and the RADIANT-D.

The RADIANT-D is a 120mm fan that aims to provide you with a decent reduction in temperature while also looking stylish. The RADIANT-D sports the following features that a very notable;

● 9 Full-Colour RGB LEDs
● Programmable Digital-RGB Control
● Extreme Static Pressure
● High Precision Shark-Tooth Blade
● Noiseless Motor Drive IC
● Ultra-Durable Double Ball Bearing


The fan’s cooling RPM ranges from 500 to 2000RPM which tends to fall in the same range as the competition. While being in the same range, they all provide some differentiating aspects between them.

Unlike the standard RGB fans, controls of the individually addressable RGB fans are digital in nature. For this case, the fans use the addressable RGB LED header with 3-wiring: 5V, D, Ground.


Giving anyone with a bit of patience the ability to pimp out their gaming rig.

I want to start looking at actual in real-world performance.

The testing was done in a Corsair SPEC06 RGB Mid-Tower which provides a glass panel on the left side, the air intake in the front and exhaust from the top and back. Everything is air-cooled.

Overall case temperature remains at 42c, the CPU is hovering at a 51c while the GPU in all of this is showing itself to be at 37c. The temperatures were taken after a 2 hours span.


A lot of people are highly concerned with the noise factor. This does puzzle me to the extent that one should expect some level of noise. The RADIAN-D is very quiet, the noise is barely noticeable if you have ambient noise around you such as TV, kids, the city noises etc. I expect the noise level to ramp up to a point while in heavy gaming and or video processing which is expected.

The RADIANT-D is a nice addition to any system. It will compliment any design you’re going for. It’s well priced and GELID has made a solid product. Some may wonder where GELID comes from as it’s not a common brand on the market. They keep producing quality products and I highly suggest looking into what they offer.


The cost for what you get in terms of general cooling is on par with all others in this field. This is very affordable and that can’t always be said of the competition.

Coming in under $20 USD, the GELID Solutions RADIANT-D Case FAN is only $18.99

Do you have some GELID hardware? What’s your take on this? I’d like to hear what you have to say about your experiences.

Gelid Radiant-D Rear Fan Rgb Led Review

Case Fan Radiant-D A Gelid Solutions: Review - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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