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Massive Power Bank XB203 45W USB-C Infinity 27000 [Review]

We’re on a roll with Power Banks lately and to this day the following is the largest I’ve had personally in my hands. It comes directly from Xtorm and it’s a whopping 27 000 mAh. I can only assume that’s why it’s called the XB203 45W USB-C Power Bank Infinity 27000.

Xb203 45W Usb-C Infinity 27000

Almost everyone that goes away for a long haul typically carries a power bank or portable battery charger with them in case they need to top up. Really easy to just throw into your pocket or bag. The link is at the bottom of the article for anyone looking at checking it out on the Xtorm website.

Xb203 45W Usb-C Infinity 27000

This one is a massive one that is capable of delivering power to a laptop via the USB-C port. HOLLY MOLLY! With that, we also have 3 standard USB-A port which will allow you to charge 3 more devices with you. XB203 45W USB-C Infinity 27000

If I get a bit more technical with the USB-Ports, we have 3 USB-A port delivering 2.4A each, 1 USB-C pour that delivers 3A. That same USB-C port can deliver 45W (5V-15V/3A, 20V/2,25A) to a laptop that supports USB-C for a max output of 60W.

It’s not small, in fact, it’s about the same size as my e-reader which is almost 7-inches! When it comes to thickness it’s roughly 1.2-inches. This is by far the biggest one I’ve had on hand.

In my daily use of this giant battery pack, I managed to charge everything I need several times and by the end of the week that’s when I connected the power bank to charge it back up to it’s 27000 mah. This is the battery pack you keep in your backpack and fish everything so that you can connect and go. This will add about 1.4Lbs in your back, it’s not a lot, but keep in mind what you get out of it.

It’s important to remember that this is a premium power bank with 4-ports to charge from and the massive power it stores reaching 27 000 mAh. The device also comes with 2 cables that are inlaid in the sides of the devices. Xtorm did also include a USB-C cable as well but that is to be an afterthought VS being part of the design. XB203 45W USB-C Infinity 27000

Xb203 45W Usb-C Infinity 27000

While this power bank demonstrates it’s ability in being able to charge multiple devices from all range, it also is capable of delivery that Quick Charge as it does support the QC 3.0 standard.

The XB203 45W USB-C Infinity 27000 is on the extreme high-end price for Canada coming at $185 CAD. The Red Dot Design Award 2017 and the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 were attributed to Xtorm for this latest of theirs.

Xb203 45W Usb-C Infinity 27000

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