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NOMAD’s USB-Desktop charger presents a purposeful, stylish and fashionably sleek for any home

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In the event you aren’t aware of the NOMAD brand then you’re in for a treat as they have a really fascinating approach to gadgets and expertise. The purpose for many of their product is to provide you a way of style with a flair, however, ensuring that they supply the very best high quality standard with the merchandise they provide. Then comes the USB Hub station from NOMAD.

This modern looking and well-designed charging station is made for the NOMAD life style with its 5-ports hidden right beneath it leaving a clear look. This method means that you can keep the cables hidden all while charging your gadgets.

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The system gives 5-ports which gives you two high capacity ports delivering 2.4A each and leaving three ports that can deliver 1A for a maximum of 27W. Most households have anywhere between 2 and 5 gadgets at a time that needs to get charged and this may accommodate that easily.


I have been utilizing it myself to charge an assortment of gadgets from battery chargers, to Bluetooth headsets to my very own smartphone and tablet.

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NOMAD presents two model of the USB Hub charger, the primary model comes with Three USB ports and the second model presents you 5 USB ports. Coming at $39.95 USD and $49.95 USD respectively.


Is perhaps good to notice that the cables aren’t included! You will either have to buy them and or have your own already. I’d be interested to see a version of the USB Hub with the cables offering 5 Three-foot lengthy cables would be supreme.

For the comfort, you check out what cables that NOMAD provides right here:

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