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Nomad 30W Power Adapter Review – Effortless FAST Charging!

30W GaN Power Adapter


The Design


The Features





  • Small form factor
  • Fast charging
  • Priced well


  • Missing additional USB-C
  • Doesn't support 90W

Small compact 30W power adapter?

Perhaps you, like me, are a tech junky. Well, Nomad has a new power brick perfect for the tech junkie on the go; This is the company’s first GaN AC power adapter that offers 30 watts of power and can charge faster than their 20W USB-C power adapter brother.

You might wonder why or might genuinely have no idea why they did something as such. GaN chargers are superior to silicon chargers due to their ability to create less heat, which allows them to power electronic devices with more efficiency in a smaller space.

Nomad 30W Power Adapter (Usb-C) Review 3
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Design aspect

The Nomad charger’s two-toned matte plastic finish is an attempt to create a rugged appearance that sets it apart from the white, glossy chargers manufactured by Apple. Android and Apple smartphone owners will appreciate the convenience of the GaN charger, which is more compact than a traditional 30W brick and can fast-charge a wide range of devices.


I was impressed to see the 30W power adapter charge the Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G from 15% to 95% in an hour and fifteen minutes (battery capacity is 4500mah), delivering the fast charge that is much needed. No matter the newness of wireless charging technology, cables connected directly to your smartphone are still more efficient than wireless charging.

Nomad 30W Power Adapter (Usb-C) Review 2
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Nomad 30W Power Adapter (Usb-C) Review 30W
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I think Nomad is on to something. Could they improve it? I think they could add an extra USB-C port, crank the wattage to 90W, and you’d get a charger that could do both smartphone and laptop.

Where to buy it?

With a price tag of just $29.99, it’s a good deal; Now, Where can you buy Nomad’s 30W Power Adapter? I’ve included the links below and throughout the text. Click here to check it out: Nomad 30W Power Adapter.

Nomad 30W Power Adapter Review - Effortless Fast Charging! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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