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Awesome Twitch Streaming Tips Part 1
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Awesome Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 1

Twitch Streaming TIPS – Microphone

Amazon Canada

Streaming your gameplay or even podcasting isn’t hard. One way to enhance your delivery of content is by having a great sounding microphone. You’ll see just how easy it is, and you don’t even need to break the bank.

You need to determine what kind of microphone you want to use and the purpose of it. Looking at the different types, we have a headset microphone, a lapel microphone, a standard microphone, an onboard microphone, a desk microphone, a recording microphone etc.

Since the goal is streaming or podcasting, I’m going to focus on a desk microphone, as it will provide for two things I do. One of those is streaming, and the other is voice overs.

The microphone of Choice – Blue Yeti

Amazon US

My choice in the matter landed on a Blue Yeti desk microphone. One of the classic grey/chrome ones from Blue. (BTW I’m not being sponsored, I’ve had this microphone for 4-years now.)

You will get studio sound quality. Adaptive microphone settings, depending on how you want to set it. You can control the gain and volume directly from the microphone. If you would like to hear what others are going to perceive from you, you can connect your headset to the bottom of it.

You can further enhance the quality of the sound in Windows 10 as well in the recording properties by ensuring you set the correct recording quality.

Blue Yeti Price Point

It’s a relatively low-cost microphone, but with our current global condition (COVID-19), you may end up spending a little bit more. You can find it at many retailers and online for $179.99 or more.

Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 1

I’ve got a few more Twitch Streaming TIPS that’s coming up shortly. I’ll touch on things you can add to increase the value of your content on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live etc.

Awesome Twitch Streaming Tips Part 1 Blue Yeti

Awesome Twitch Streaming Tips Part 1 - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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