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Badass Logitech’s MX Keys Review – Find out the A to Z

Introduction MX Keys Review

I’m diving into the world of the MX series from Logitech, and you can read part 1 of this series over here. I’ve covered details from features, software, ergonomics, to things you can achieve.

Recently released in September 2019, the Logitech MX Keys keyboard is aiming to reach the same target audience as the MX Master 3; Professional, Engineers, Software Developers, Techies etc. I believe that it can even reach a wider audience, such as gamers. Of course, most would say that a dedicated specific gaming keyboard is required, but I think this can do the job and do it well.

Badass Logitech'S Mx Keys Review : Find Out The A To Z

Initial impressions – MX Keys Review

The MS Keys feels heavy and seems to be very durable. A note someone made while checking it out; You could probably swing it and do some damage. Coming in with a price tag of $129.99, I did expect some heft to it, but this beast weighs 1.8lbs. It’s a keyboard!

You could say I’m impressed with the built quality. Much like the MX Master 3, this keyboard also offers the same ability when it comes to connectivity. You could connect up to 3 devices if you needed.

Quite happy to see that charging the keyboard is done via USB-C. Toggle switch for on and off when you aren’t making use of it. Illuminated keyboard with old-style typewriter keys.

As much as this looks like a solid keyboard, it is not a mechanical one.

The design – MX Keys Review

This keyboard built is solid. One single metal plate with a well-crafted frame gives it that hefty 1.8lbs. The rubberized feet just to this keyboard not going anywhere.

You’ll also be able to see that there are no feet to elevate the keyboard beyond its 5.5-degree angle. The experience isn’t entirely flat, but I would like the option. Palm rest sold separately? Ummm.

The backlight illuminated keyboard gives you a bit more than traditional illumination. The edge of the keyboard has a sensor that notices when your hands are touching and lights it up. A unique little aspect that makes life easier. The LED indicator acts as an ambient light sensor, which adjusts the intensity of the backlight. It might not be something for you, so you can also modify it manually.

Badass Logitech'S Mx Keys Review : Find Out The A To Z

I totally would like to see an RGB version of this keyboard but also with a light strip going around the bottom edge. One can only hope, right?

The shape of the keys reminds me of an old typewriter. A dish-shaped button with a round groove, the keys are unique, fun, easy to use and glide. Being a keyboard that’s part of Logitechs premium line of accessories, it makes sense that you can use an existing unified receiver to pair it.

I’m using the keyboard and mouse combo during the write up of the review. The travel on the keys is pretty good and hardly requires pressure.

What have you learned so far? Easy to use, lots of options, low profile, a short actuation force, but most importantly, I can be productive and enjoy video games.

Software Options – MX Keys Review

The MX Keys makes use of the same software. You do have some level of customization, but it’s limited. You can replace default actions with others.

Badass Logitech'S Mx Keys Review : Find Out The A To Z
Key Configuration
Logitech Mx Series : Mx Master 3 &Amp; Mx Keys
Some final thoughts – MX Keys Review

The low profile, thin build and the overall minimalist approach is likable. The design is clean, uncomplicated and efficient. If you need a professional-looking and vibing keyboard, you can count the MX Keys in.

The MX Keys does reflect the format you’d see on laptops. You’ll get a backlit keyboard, an elevation that reaches just about 5.5degrees that can fatigue your hands without a palm rest. Luckily you can get one for this keyboard.

Without a doubt, the ability to link to more than one device, making use of USB-C, long-lasting battery and a visually stunning concept will go far.

The price of admission for dwelling in the premium business will set you back $129.99. If you’re interested to check it out: Visit Amazon

Part 1: Logitech’s MX Master 3 Review – Find out the A to Z
Badass Logitech'S Mx Keys Review - Find Out The A To Z - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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