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Tranya Rimor Earbuds Review
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Rimor Earbuds by Tranya are a True Wireless budget pair!

Introduction – Rimor Earbuds

Getting a pair of decent wireless earbuds is like shopping for shoes. You have too many options at multiple price points. Let me help you by checking out the Rimor‘s.

They come in a box that’s about the length and width of a CD case. You’ll have a charging carrying case, USB-C cable for charging, marshmallow tips for proper sizing. The small portable charging case can be thrown right into your pocket.

Interestingly enough, Tranya made the Rimor‘s IPX5. An IPX5 rating indicates that the device is waterproof. No worries if you end up being in a downpour.

Tranya Rimor Earbuds Review

Tranya Rimor Earbuds Review

What Do You Get – Rimor Earbuds

The wireless earbuds provide a “true stereo” feel with 0 latency. It provides you with a 5-hours worth of listening time and an extra 25-hours with the fully charged case. The fun element here is that you have 30-hours worth of listening time on your hands.

Coming in at $79, the Rimor is quite affordable in the space of “true wireless” earbuds.

How do they sound? The Rimor is bass heavy but isn’t overpowered, which means that whatever you might play will come out clean at any listening level. There’s no distortion noted even at higher listening volume.

Listening to more instrumental music, you can easily pick out the instruments as they come out clear. You can easily distinguish them from each other.

How do the singers sound? I’m able to understand the lyrics, make out what they sing and enjoy what I’m hearing.

The Rimor‘s reproduces sounds in the 20Hz to 20000Hz range, making it the reason why I’m enjoying a variety of music styles.

The sound coming out is clear and enjoyable. You get some ENC built-into them, which helps down-out surrounding ambient noise. Creating a seal with the fitted marshmallow tips is essential!

Difficulty & Final Thoughts – Rimor Earbuds

Where I’m having issues is with touch control. The area to press for touch-control is small. If you have large fingers which a majority of us do, you’ll find it annoying. After fiddling with the touch-control, I’ve figured how to make use of the controls.

If you ever needed to pick up a call while enjoying tunes, you can. All these added features make this a useful companion.

Tranya Rimor Earbuds Review Tranya Rimor Earbuds Review

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