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Ringke Fision-X Pixel 4 Case Post

Futuristic Pixel 4 Ringke Fusion-X case

Futuristic Pixel 4 Ringke Fusion-X Case
I’ve brought the Fusion-X case here before for a different phone model. I decided to reach out to Ringke about sponsoring this post. Next thing you know, I’ve got a package in the mail for a Ringke Fusion-X case.

Futuristic Pixel 4 Ringke Fusion-X Case

The next item up is the latest Ringke Fusion-X case for Google’s Pixel 4. Characteristics of this case make it quite desirable. The futuristic aspect of the case gives it a unique flair that you do not see everywhere.

It almost looks like the case offers a spaceship closing bay door from something out of Star Wars. Having some decent protection for your phone is for some people crucial. The Fusion-X line of smartphone cases is a cross between rugged and clear tpu. This is an easy way to show off the Pixel 4 while providing an instant flair to its already sexy appeal.

Ringke Fusion-X Pixel 4 Case 2


The solid bumper edges offer a robust impact-resistant aspect. The raised ridge for the screen side ensures that your smartphone screen doesn’t get directly smashed if it were to hit the ground.

The transparency of the case allows anyone to see the nice aesthetics of the smartphone.

The slippery nature of the glass back smartphone renders them dangerous. The added grip of a case is a solution you can opt for. I do recommend the Ringke Fusion-X case.

Among all the choices for cases, slim cases aren’t what I’d opt for. This is one of the reasons why I do enjoy the Fusion-X case.

Some concerns for many lately is the fact that you can see smudges, fingerprints on the back of the clear case. This seems to be a standard for anything that provides a clear and or reflective nature. Ringke Fusion-X isn’t different, it collects them.

Ringke Fusion-X Pixel 4 Case 3

Futuristic Pixel 4 Ringke Fusion-X Case - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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