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dbrand’s LIMITED Teardown Pixel 4 skin!

dbrand's LIMITED Teardown Pixel 4 skin!
Last time I used a skin from dbrand was in the days of the Nexus 6P go figure! Recently dbrand offered a “Teardown” of the inside of a Pixel 4 as a skin. Guess what? I got one.

dbrand's LIMITED Teardown Pixel 4 skin!

I did not want to get a skin everyone would have. I wanted something unique. It doesn’t get more unique than a limited edition. I’d be curious to see how many they sold.

Let’s have a look at what you get from dbrand. The cardboard envelope like contains the plastic sheet keeping everything neat. Inside the sheet, you get the skin, a microfiber cloth, a card with information. You get directed to dbrand.com/how to install the skin. Simple YouTube video that gives you all the needed instructions.

But honestly, do you need dbrand instruction? You don’t. In case you don’t want instruction, head over to the dbrand website. They’ll hook you up! No, I’m not sponsored by them. I just like their stuff.


The decal’s quality is on point! The level of detail is sharp and crisp. It’s as easy as peel and stick. dbrand provides a good set of instructions, and some funny spots in their YouTube video if you’re into that.

Without further due, let’s check out the look of the Pixel 4 Teardown by dbrand! Good job on the skin dbrand!

dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 8dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 5dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 1dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 4dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 6dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 7dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 2dbrand Pixel 4 Teardown snap 3

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