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Wiz A19 Coloured Smart Light Bulb Review
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WiZ Smart Light Bulb A19 : Review

Wiz Smart Light Bulb A19 : Review
WiZ is the next thing out for the smart home consumer; A smart, efficient lightbulb that doesn’t require a bridge. At WiZ, you get to choose from a collection of smart light bulbs. You can choose from a retro look or simply align yourself with something that’s new age.

Wiz Smart Light Bulb A19 : Review

Today I have the WiZ A19 colour smart light bulb! The smart LED A19 full-colour bulb brings the ultimate light experience to your home. Retrofit into any lampshade to create the ambience of your choice. Wi-Fi connected 16 million colours and adjustable from warm white to daylight.

Unlike other brands, WiZ doesn’t require a bridge. The installation and getting it working is easy. Go ahead and screw the bulb into the light socket you’d like. Use your mobile device app store and get the relevant WiZ app. Pairing the bulb inside the app is a breeze.


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Wiz A19 Coloured Smart Light Bulb Review

The WiZ usability doesn’t end with the app and Google Assistant. You can also make integration as you would with many other systems using IFTTT. Just like your favourite other smart home items you can interact with the A19 in many other ways.

Now that you’re good to go, I’ll dive into some of the technical aspects.

The light operates via the 2.4Ghz WiFi frequency. It will be important to ensure that your router supports it.

You can enjoy degrees of luminosity ranging from 2,200K to 6,500K. You can also set the mood with the various colours that are available for the WiZ A19. The light bulb offers 25,000 hours of life. While most of us never keep the lights on 24/7, the light bulb will last you a very long time.

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