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Dual-View Camera Mode Now Available P30 & P30 Pro

Dual-View Camera Mode Now Available P30 & P30 Pro

HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro’s Dual-View Camera Mode Now Available in Canada

EMUI 9.1 Upgrade Allows Huawei Users To Unleash Their Creativity Through Split-Screen Videos

With this capability, users can create split-screen videos by simultaneously using the phone’s primary camera and zoom lens, showing two perspectives at once on the screen. Pioneering this advanced camera technology, Huawei’s continued innovation and focus opens the doors for users to further experience the creative possibilities within videography.

Dual-View Camera Mode Now Available P30 & P30 Pro

Dual-view camera mode, available on both HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro devices, is highly capable of producing exceptional videography on its own or in tandem with other video features such as AI editor. Because of the dual perspectives, the HUAWEI P30 series delivers the industry’s first, and a totally new function, available on smartphones today, allowing users to capture large scale events or the full view of a scene in a unique and refreshing fashion.

Huawei is bringing professional-grade photography and videography functions to its users through the award-winning HUAWEI P30 Series camera. Top features of the dual-view mode in the P30 and P30 Pro include:

Top Features
  • Wide view capturing more of the background and surrounding objects.
  • Simultaneous zooming-in on desired subjects via the split screen.
  • Shooting two different angles, panoramic and close up, at the same time.
  • Ability to adjust the magnification level.
  • Taking artsy and creative shots for a vivid recollection of special moments.